best app to hide text messages iphone. Like text, all photos, videos, documents and voice messages are encrypted, ephemeral and screenshot-proof. If you're concerned about privacy or waiting for a confidential text, change this default behavior so that others can't see the content of your messages. Signal is compatible with both Android and iOS, and you can download and use it for free. You can check the App Store to see if any of the texting apps have that ability. 6 Best Free Apps To Hide Text Messages On Android 2020 Apk Secured You Text Messages Best Free Apps Messaging App Visit the app store on their phone and type in vault app or hide photos or secret app. From now on, whenever you get a text message from an unknown number, your iPhone will no longer display a. Find the conversation that you would like to hide. And yes, there's a way to hide messages and texts coming in from specific phone numbers. You will see a bell icon with a slash on it to show a contact has been muted. …If you don't already have an messenger app, I recommend using Google. Hide Messages on iPhone Through the Notes App If you don't feel secure enough with the ones we've highlighted above, there is another alternative that you can try. If you always wanted a hidden message spy that never lets you get caught, cocospy is what you need. This button is in the top-left corner of the screen. Some work well while some not so much. Everyone knows that you can quickly reach the top of the screen by tapping on the status bar. The Best iPhone Apps for 2022. Private Space is one of the best apps on Google Play Store for hiding text. Secret SMS iPhone App Hides Your Juiciest Texts. It has many features in it, and. CoverMe Private is a great option if you need to find a way to hide messages on an iPhone. You can also create groups and chat in real-time with others, share attachments, and media in a completely private setup. It is one of the best free second phone number app which allows you to record your calls with ease. After you click install you will see a window asking for the permission for access of SMS, Message, Phone. One of the biggest features which iOS 11. Tired of people looking over your shoulder and reading your messages? Don't want anyone who touches your device to be able to check out your inbox? Watch thi. Top 5 popular apps to hide text messages. When you tap the New Conversation button in the top-right corner, a new message window will open. Threema is a top-secret messaging app for iPhone users that keeps your data away from prying eyes including surveillance by governments, third-party developers, and hackers. To monitor an iPhone without jailbreak using mSpy all you need is iCloud credentials of the device to be monitored. How to Block Robotexts and Spam Messages; This app can hide and encrypt various data, including photos, videos, documents, contacts, tasks, and passwords. You may need to hide your iPhone data in many situations. YouTuber Videosdebarraquito uses a similar trick to hide stock apps using the Newsstand on the iPhone 4/4s, but our tutorial should work for anyone running iOS 7. It can also safeguard your social media apps, chat, messengers, and email apps. Therefore, here is how you can hide messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media apps on your Android. Once you download this app it will place an "Invisible" icon in your app drawer. Despite claiming to block the keyboard, there's a number of easy ways to send a text message while in 'drunk mode,' including using the app's own 'send my location' feature. Open the Messages app on your device -> choose a conversation thread. CoverMe Private Calls & Texts does exactly what it says on the tin. However, it baffles me that Signal does not offer a way to hide your phone. Then to get rid of the iMessage apps bar on iOS 13 all you need to do is tap on the grey App Store icon (located next to the text field). OpenPhone is software that enables you to talk and text through dedicated phone numbers. After disabling the message previews, you can hide the Messages app on your iPhone using the folder pages trick. Warning: Sensitive Info You Black Out in. A superior text message spy, Highster Mobile not only enables a user to retrieve new text messages from any cell phone, it will also extract old and deleted text messages as well. How to Change the iPhone's Lock Screen Notification Settings. Open an iMessage conversation thread. The app, called Black SMS: Protected Messages, is a genius app that protects your most private text messages. From simple sms or text messages to deleted app messages. If you’re looking to hide messages from unknown senders using the iPhone Messages app, you’ll need to follow these steps. This shows how many unread text messages you have on the 'Messages' icon. Now, scroll down to search and select the Messages app. Now, tap and hold the conversation you want to hide. This option works best if you’re saving a single message or recipient. The app is famous because of its stealth mode. The application provides the best security system. Vault apps tend to look like other utility apps on your phone, like a calculator app, with the intention of masking its presence. Hide Message Preview from Lock Screen. Tap on the contact's icon at the top of the screen. All your messages, however, will still show up on your iPhone or Apple watch. Top Apps To Hide Text Messages On Android in 2022. You may have heard that using messenger app is the safest way to hide your. There are apps designed to help people hide or delete text messages. To know how to turn off message preview on iPhone just read the following simple steps: I. CoverMe - feature-rich, free secure messaging app offering e2ee by default, hides phone numbers, disguises app icon. Secret SMS iPhone App Hides Your Juiciest Texts From. You may need to hide your text messages or send secret messages to a certain recipient out of different reasons. To add custom text replies to your Apple Watch, begin by opening the Watch app on your iPhone. You can also get access to the iMessages chats on an iOS device. In a Messages conversation, tap the name or number at the top of the conversation. Read More: Best App Lock Apps For Android Key Features: This application converts to an app hider when the Audio Manager title is held and pressed long enough. How to Hide Text Messages on Android and iPhone. 22052020 Smiley Personal Texting app is the perfect messaging app to cover messages the app can be utilized to make a enterprise deal or on craigslist in circumstances the place you dont need individuals to know your quantity. This app is not only available on iOS devices. Hidden Text App (iPhone): Top 5 Tools for Privacy. Summary of Best Apps To Hide Text Messages On Android · 1. To keep private messages from a particular number, just add it as a private contact. Step 3: Press and hold the blue “Send” button for a while. If you need to lock your private messages on the fly, simply shake your phone while on the. Tap on “Settings”, then scroll down to find the entry for “Messages”: Tap on “Messages” and it’s the first entry that lets you mark your text messages as private…. com, Getty Images (2) “Text message forwarding is a feature designed to forward your messages from your iPhone to your iPad, iPod touch, or Apple computer,” Walsh says. About Iphone To Text Best Hide Messages App Text messages can take up a lot of storage with rich media like photos and videos being so easy to capture and share. Add as many phone numbers for texting as you want. As soon as you tap on there you will be presented with the pattern screen, draw your pattern to verify your authenticity. How to Hide Text Messages Ensure your text messages can't be read by nosey parkers or those who would do you harm. This app lets you setup a pattern lock for your messaging app, much like the regular pattern lock on your phone which comes in built with Android. If you see these apps on their phone, be prepared for the worse. The article shows the way to backup text messages. This option works best if you're saving a single message or recipient. How to hide notifications from the lock screen entirely: Open Settings in your iPhone; Go to Notifications; Tap Preview at the top of the screen. When you want to read or send messages you can access the app from that folder or you can find the app from the spotlight search on your iPhone. Top 5 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on iPhone from Girlfriend 1 Block SMS and Call. While sharing photos is all cute and sweet, there is a new app on the market that takes the entire photo sharing experience to a whole new level. 5 free Apps to hide text messages. You can create secret contact, private call-list, all call logs and messages of secret contacts would be shown in secret app only. Flip the switch beside “Unknown Senders” to the off position. The change my number app also features anonymous texts and shareable hushed pins. Apps used by Cheaters to hide their Secret Affairs. With this SMS spy app, you can monitor someone's incoming and outgoing messages remotely. At the first glance, this app may seem like a regular messenger. Telegram offers one of the best end-to-end encryption features among social media and private text messaging apps today. Let's go over the steps for that method first. If you want to avoid it, skip to the section below where we talk about how to hide WhatsApp chats with password. Some iPhone spy apps claim to be free. This app offers excellent security, great performance and the very best stability. Your privacy is our high priority objective. Fortunately, there are some of the best app locker or text message hider apps available on the Google Play Store that can hide SMS on your Android smartphone. Once you put these contacts into the app, their calls or texts won't trigger the same alerts that you get for other contacts. Go back to Settings again then find Messages. Hide My Calls/Text – Baseball ; This app is a decoy app. App #1: Signal Private Messenger App #2: Hide Text App on iPhone via Vault App #3: Use CoverMe for Hiding Text on iPhone App #4: Hidden Text App for iPhone: Blur Chat App #5: Recommended iPhone App Viber. CoverMe private is the best iOS app for hide your message in your iPhone. How To Hide Apps In Iphone Review at how to. If you have ever seen WhatsApp stickers, they work similarly to Facebook. In this article, we will provide you a list of the best apps to hide text messages. Carry on until only the text-entry box is left. It is one of the most App #2: Hide Text App on iPhone via Vault. Tap on Continue and then select This is My iPhone. Method 2: Another way to hide text messages is to disable text message preview. It keeps your photos and videos hidden, can put a lock on other apps which you want to keep secured like your Gallery or social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Text Messages, and so on. The messages sent or received from the contacts selected, won’t be shown in your messages. Examples of hidden messaging apps include Signal, Private Message Box, and CoverMe. Can I spy on iPhone totally free? No, there is no 100% free way to spy on an iPhone. Most will gamely give it a shot, but most people on iPhones don't want to deal with a folder of chat. This top tracking app offers over 20 attractive and handy features as well as 24/7 multi-language customer support. Select the device to receive text messages from your child’s iPhone. How To Hide Text Messages On An Iphone Ios 15 Update Hide Imessages Or Use Secret Texting Apps Best 15 Secret Texting Apps For Iphone Or Android To Test Now Share this post. Hide text messages for 5 contacts safely with a password protected "Decoy App". If you find that the text messages you receive on your iPhone are annoying or interrupt your day or work, you may be interested in turning off their notifications. Protect your secret apps - WhatsApp, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Phone Gallery and File Manager… by adding to Hide Secrets. You can hide your caller ID, use an external website to send out your messages, or use a third-party app that provides end-to-end encryption for any messages you send. Not only do they let you interact with other people, but they also let you go back and reminisce on past exchanges. This doesn't entirely block the sender from sending you messages. Can I hide existing text messages on my iPhone? Community Answer There isn't a built-in way to hide existing text messages in iOS, but you can search for apps that will hide your messages by typing "Hide Texts" into the app store and reviewing the results. Click Hide to hide the text messages from iPhone messaging app. It encodes secret messages in normal messages. This app places an invisible icon in your app list that allows you to hide texts from selected contacts 3. Hide Messages on iPhone Through the Notes App. Step 2: Tap on the "Siri & Search" option. Here are a few easy ways to hide photos, embarrassing app notifications, and a bunch of other secrets in plain sight on your iPhone. This secret messaging app also uses end-to-end encryption technology to better protect your information security and privacy. The app's disappearing text messages and top-notch encryption tools give users absolute peace of mind. However, there is a tweak that gives you the power to group like-minded chats together. Best apps to hide text messages. Today, the internet is all about sending and exchanging pictures. Hiding Text Previews for All Apps on the iOS Lock Screen your device and confirming it's you who wants to read the various messages. Deactivate Notification Previews. Private SMS & Call – Hide Text (Free) works by creating a safe space for you, which it calls PrivateSpace. The reason for it being famous is that it is very simple to use. Log into your risk-free account and select any device (Android, iPhone, PC, Mac or Chromebook) to monitor discretely from your secure online account. Call and Text Eraser (CATE) works effectively in that logs can become easily deleted, with just the click of a button. This is one of the best apps on the market that you can use to hide your text . You can end your search for a perfect hide my number app by choosing Secret Text Free App. To view and manage your list of blocked contacts and phone numbers, go to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts. How to Block Unwanted Text Messages on iPhone. Messages are another thing that some people want to hide, as we can often reveal a lot about ourselves in conversations with friends and family. Spyic helps you in spying on your wife, which has never been this easy before. In many ways, Messages is the most important app on the iPhone. While you're here, review the other. These apps will let you send messages with a second and unknown phone number to keep the sender’s identity secret. Answer (1 of 5): Best apps to hide text messages: Apple Devices If you have an iPhone or iPad and you’re looking for the ultimate app to hide text messages, and more, then here are some top choices: * Cover Me – In addition to enabling you to hide text messages that you don’t want read by othe. How To Hide Text Messages From One Person On Iphone?. You can send fun and expressive messages with the use of GIFs and stickers. Hi guys, I will be sharing the best calculator App that hides text messages for iPhone. This is one of the best fake message app iPhone 2022, and this app allows you to receive and send fake messages. Is there a way to hide text? Community Answer. How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone. The best feature of Wickr is the sender-based control. While you’re here, review the other. Using Samsung Smart Switch to Transfer iPhone Text Messages. A difficult code secures all your messages. The private message box saves SMS/MMS/CALL LOGS of your desired contacts with a PIN pad Apps That Hide Text Messages and Phone Calls. If you are looking for an application to hide your text messages and calls, CoverMe is worth to try. Part 4: Spyier, apps for seeing others text messages. Note that the hidden chats will be moved to the main chat screen as soon as a message is received from that group or contact. How to Hide messages on iphone! hide text messages iPhone open the Messages app and tap the “Settings” button in the top-right corner . Tap Messages to start the messaging app. Here's how to hide iMessage group alerts other than mentions on your iPhone and iPad. Private Message Box is a popular iPhone app for hiding text messages for many users. Nobody knows about your texts even if he has full access of device. Don't Miss: Blur Faces and Text in Videos with This Free, Easy-to-Use Video Editing App for iPhone Since it's a highlighter and not a solid marker, one swipe with your finger will create a transparent layer over the text, effectively highlighting it — even with the opacity at 100 percent. Message not sent or iMessages not sending? You can learn how to fix text messages not sending issue in this post. It’s a real, working, valuable text tracker that gives you access to text messages, chats on various. If you don’t feel secure enough with the ones we’ve highlighted above, there is another alternative that you can try. If you use Slack, you can also send text messages directly from the number changing app as well. Step 3 :Once contact is archived it will be hidden from the main. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 12 Helpful 57 Question How do I have my lock screen just be a text message? Community Answer Go to the settings app. A free app where you can hide text messages on an iphone 4? Is there an app for iphone that will hide text messages from certain people? Hidden text messages app on iphone 4. For example, you can set the text size bigger for reading apps and small (or default) for other apps. If instead you just need to stop alerts for a certain number (maybe a particularly annoying one), then you can simply: Right-click the person's number in your Messages app. Apps Like Hike with Hide Chat feature. Open the Android Market app on your device and install the Secret Message app. Scroll down to the second settings section, and choose Notifications. There is no setting or manner to Bcc in a text, at least in the native app. to Messages > Tap on Text Message Forwarding > Toggle the devices in the list you want to allow to send and receive text messages from your iPhone. Luckily, there is a useful Cydia tweak called as HiddenConvos, that allows you to hide any conversation in the Messages app with a simple swipe and tap. By default this will be set to Always. To enable the feature, open the app, tap the four squares icon at the top and then open settings. Tips to stop others from reading your text messages. Read More: Best Free Android Cleaner Apps. To hide it, slide your finger down from above the text-entry box and the keyboard will start to disappear. You can lock or hide messages, and even turn off message previews on iPhone so that your personal information stays private. Signal is a messaging app for secret texting that allows you to hide messages and communicate with others instantly without incurring SMS charges. This will hide the app icons completely. With the rise in mobile technology and an ever-increasing number of smartphone users , the developers went on to dig deeper into the concept of fake text messaging and developed some good apps for anonymous texting. How to hide apps from the iPhone Search option? If there are certain apps that you don't wish to see on the iPhone Search, then you can hide it by following the steps below. Tap the '+' button next to Text Size. How To: Text message with an iPhone How To: SSH SMS tones into iPhone 3G 3. Best Free Texting App with burner phone numbers for text messages. With this one of the apps that hide text messages, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in . The post How to Hide Text Messages on an iPhone appeared first on Reader's Digest. The guide will help you navigate the app, create and organize albums, share and edit photos and videos, back up your memories with iCloud, many hidden tricks, and all-new iOS 15 features. To be specific, iDiscrete will provide a fake "Loading" screen. Here's how to turn off text message notifications for a contact in the Messages app: Open the Messages app and tap to open the contact you want to mute. Make your choice and import the text messages of iPhone to Samsung Galaxy phone. The selected conversation will now be moved to the archive. To hide an app from being seen in the iMessage app drawer, go to the More Apps section and turn off the toggle switch next to the app. After the program identifies the iPhone, click "Start" in order to scan the data from the Hide . mSpy also has a seamless installation process that leaves your husband clueless about your spying activities. It's a wonder how many different tools your iPhone can tun into, including even a magnifying glass. The app comes with an option to hide your caller ID, so you can call or text anonymously. As a paid app, mSpy is a reliable SMS tracker, built with a focus on helping you read text messages easily and secretly. With this app, you can create fake messages exchange, take screenshots, and Scam Of The Week: Nasty Two-factor Auth Text Hack. To send a group MMS message on an iPhone, make sure MMS Messaging is turned on. Users need to set Privacy Messenger as the default . [NEW] Best Free App To Hide Text Messages Iphone. There is no popup window or any annoying notification, just a discreet message in the status bar. Or for quick-thinking minds, just simply shake the phone to delete racy messages. If you're searching for a calculator app to use and hide your text. So, here we will share the five best Android apps to hide messages. These apps can monitor their cell phone usage such as their social media activities (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, HangOuts, SnapChat), text messages, and even record their phone calls. Go to the Settings app, navigate to Notifications-> Messages and turn off the Show Preview option. Text messages in the app are completely separate and secure. Litigation Support | Denver | Perin Discovery. The maximum level of security is to disable Badge App Icon, disable the notification sound and disable messages in the notification center. See more ideas about hide apps, phone text message, emotional affair. You'll always see green when writing to Android users, or when you're not connected to the internet. Certain iOS messaging apps will make hiding your private conversations easier, but you can also conceal or silence your Apple Messages. The preview of the message from the lock screen can be blocked. Go to Messages app and swipe a conversation left to hide it. The same goes when you send a message to the group or contact you archived or hid, making the chat is not hidden anymore. One of the best ways to reach your husband's text messages is by using the ClickFree spying app. Wickr Me is a free end-to-end encrypted-messaging app that allows users to send private, self-destructing messages (text, photo, video, and voice) to other Wickr contacts. Every time you receive a notification from an Android app, you can see the app's name and icon, together with a preview of its contents, on your Lock screen. Use a private number to hide your phone number. The Secret Calculator App looks like an innocent calculator app on your child's Iphone or Android device. It's simple, easy and beautiful. Login to your Gmail Account > click on Google Apps icon and select Contacts in the Apps menu. CYPHR - Best Secret Texting App For iPhone. Hiding text messages often costs money though so make sure you check the app before purchasing! Use iMessage App for Android or iPhone – free messaging services such as WhatsApp have been known to work in hiding texts from girlfriends, however they may not be reliable enough depending on what kind of data she might look at during “routine” checks. iPhone: On your iPhone open the Settings app, go to Notifications, then scroll through the list until you find Messages. Hiding alerts from a specific contact works to an extent, but the text conversation will still be fully visible in-app if someone else unlocks your. One huge sign your partner is cheating is if they use any of these apps. HideEmAll tweak is available through the Cydia store via BigBoss. If you use a Dual SIM iPhone or iPhone with eSIM and only use an eSIM or one SIM on a dual-SIM iPhone, check your Mobile settings (in Settings app >Cellular) and turn off the second phone line Make sure you toggle on badges in your Message app notification settings. Long press the chat that you want to hide. One way of turning off your text message notifications is by deactivating the notification previews that you have associated with them. The QuickType bar located above the keyboard can help you quickly complete. How To Hide Text Messages on the iPhone. If you love taking photos, you won't want to miss our In-Depth Photos App Guide, available exclusively to iPhone Life Insiders. HideEmAll is a new application available in cydia. These phone number identification apps are going to be a time-saver for Androidrid users and selected a list of best caller ID apps for Android to help you in this regard. Cyphr is well-known for its privacy and security features. If you really need to hide your number, don't play games; keep your real number completely private and get a disposable number. You have to go through My Verizon and create a separate account for that individual phone number which is fine as long as you are one of the account holders and have all of the account information. No extra fees to dole out to view some messages. The only way to do so is to change the password to your online account management. Message Lock is a light tool to protect your personal short messages (SMS & MMS) from being read by someone else. Tracking the location of other iphones, legally · 3 best sms text message spy tracker for iphone in 2018 · how to spy on iphone 7,. How to Fix iMessages/Text Messages Not Sending. mSpy is the best app to spy on iPhone with no jailbreak that you can use to monitor the activity of any target iPhone. You can hide your text from unauthorized access. This is another recommended app if you are going to hide text messages on iPhone. 10 Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games (iPhone & Android). It's easier than you might think to keep a text message secret with these apps. #5 Text Messages Will be Hidden. If you don't want messages popping up on your iPhone screen, you can shut the notifications down wholesale or on a case-by-case (app-by-app, e. Best Secondary Phone Number Apps for iPhone. There's a reason why burner numbers are timeless. This app will be your great helper in that - it will hide all your photos, sensitive apps, messages, and everything else. Go to settings > notifications > messages > and toggle on sounds and badges. AD: Buy iPhone case and iOS app with discount code at: https://goo. Now scroll down and choose the Messages app. How to hide a conversation from Apple Messages. 5 million, users are benefitting largely from this app these days. For example, new texts in your iMessage will still appear in . On your home screen, tap Messages to launch the messaging app on your device. The Shady Contact App is very small and size only 1. So, without wasting any more time, let's get into it. To hide messages notification on iPhone, follow these steps: Go to the Settings app of your iPhone or even iPad. Find the 6 best secret messaging apps below which can help you do what you want. Click on 'Continue' and then 'Accept' the User Agreement. Use the app on PC as well as phone and keep all data secured from third-party developers & hackers. Neatspy is our first item on the list as the best text message spy app that works on both Android and iOS platforms. Step 1: Open the “Messages” app on your iPhone. Apr 19, 2020 · Once the app is installed on our phone, these are the steps to follow to send WhatsApp messages to a number without having to add it to our contacts: We open the app on the mobile. In the Messages section scroll down to Show Previews. The approach of this secret chat app for the iPhone is different as it hides in the keyboard. Viber - Best Apps For Secret Texting 4. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. You may need to hide your text messages or send secret messages . Go to Screen Time and further tap on Turn On Screen Time. How to Call and Text Anonymously. Select and slide "Show Preview" to OFF. READ ALSO : How to track WhatsApp Messages, calls, text messages and more Hide WhatsApp Chats With Password (WhatsApp Lock) If you want to avoid the case when your hidden chats show up after getting new messages, or if you want to lock WhatsApp itself instead of hiding individual chats, follow the methods below. There's not much to the Messages app for iPhone when it comes to finding the right conversations. No one can check your private messages. This app can be used for encrypting. Sending text messages is one of the most frequently used ways to communicate with others. Continue reading to find out how to do so. 10 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android · Messenger and Chat Lock Pro · Vault · Message Locker · Message Lock (SMS Lock) · Private Message Box: . Step 3: Scroll down until you see the list of your installed apps. Hide Text Messages For iPhone Free; Offers In-App Purchases The Best and Secure app for your chats messages backup and retrieve. In iOS 15, you can set different text sizes for each app. For more advice on how to use the Messages app on the iPhone read: How to send a text on an iPhone. If you would like to use this feature, you simply have to enable iCloud Messages. Change to Never (message will not show on lock screen) or When Unlocked (more useful since you likely would be actively using the phone). The trick is, you have to go into the "Settings" app, you can't make the change within the "Messages" app itself. After deleting the Contact from iPhone, you can set iPhone Contacts App to hide Gmail Contacts. You probably think that you know pretty much everything regarding WhatsApp. Tap on Social Networking and then select Messages. How to Spy on Boyfriend's Phone. It shows your WhatsApp messages, emails, SMS and missed calls along with other social apps on the same panel. Second Phone Apps offers a series of Android apps for concealing calls and text messages from designated contacts. Telegram- Secret messaging app As we all know telegram is one of the best messenger/texting apps for Android and also for IOS users. Apps for seeing others text messages. Launch Messages app on your iOS device. Tap on "Settings", then scroll down to find the entry for "Messages": Tap on "Messages" and it's the first entry that lets you mark your text messages as private…. sticker whatsapp iphone Download For Free. They have the ability to hide their texting information and even phone calls. I believe if you turn off group messaging in settings it will send an individual text to each person. Under Messages, tap on Send & Receive. Apple makes it easy to hide and unhide your Photos, Contacts, Messages. We also have advice about How to send a text on an iPad here , and How to send and receive text. Step 2: Swipe left on any contact whose chat/conversation you want to archive. And it comes down to this: the best iPhone app to hide lock files is My Hidden Folder Pro. To do this, Go to Settings → Control Center. Tap this and you'll be presented with a range of options. The beauty of this spy app is that you can track someone's WhatsApp messages in an iPhone without jailbreak. There are 2 ways to hide alert in Messages app on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11, and let's see. It can private your texts and calls without any record on your phone bill. Wickr is one of the free Self Destructing Message App for iPhone. You can track his text messages on the application, complete with the contact names and timestamps. Now all messages from this contact won't appear as a notification alert. We currently hide text and calls will come later. How to Read My Wife's Text Message from My Phone. Hide My Text enables users to convert the text messages they want to hide into private hidden codes. There are just some things the iPhone wont do like the Black Berry does. First, open iPhone Settings, then navigate to Notifications > Messages > Customize Notifications.