c7 e85 hp gains. Included with this 1-7/8 Kooks Long Tube Header system for the C7 Corvette Stingray, and Grand Sport is a center section X-Pipe with High Flow Cats. Its rated for 1 less ft/lbs of torque then my 2008 6. Where pure ethanol and E85 ethanol -- 85 percent ethanol, 81,800 BTU -- triumph is in octane rating. 2015+ C7 Corvette Z06 RPM Intercooler Coolant Expansion Tank. And the stoichiometric raio is much richer (around 9. Boost Juice is a great choice given its safety margin and 34 rwhp gains (6-percent power gain on 574 rwhp), or 82-percent of. The Vararam True Cold Air Intake is just what your C7 needs when notable net gains with a minimal investment in time and capital is desired. Optimized for all climates & conditions. Features: IE guarantee -45 days risk free. However, E85 is becoming more popular for naturally aspirated engines. I really want to lean out the cruise sections and idle to gain fuel economy. Dyno-tested performance gains up to +72 horsepower and +72 lbs. You may not come across a station that stocks e85. MUCH better tire than stock MPSS 285/35/19 runflats. ROBB HOLLAND CHOOSES E85 ETHANOL. But that's pure ethanol, not E85. 2 that some people have gotten out of simple. Those two mods would net about the same power gains you see from race fuel; about 5 to 10% HP. With some key upgrades, you can gain that sought-after horsepower. But, like we said, we always thought that E85 REALLY shines when coupled with a supercharger or a turbocharger (s). The DSX Tuning flex fuel kit is a full plug and play solution for adding E85 or flex fuel to you Camaro. With a tank of E85 on board, we were able to optimise the ignition advance at the same 7 psi, achieving 226 kW at the wheels. I would like to know if my feelings that going beyond E85 Stoich is where I will gain more power WOT since E85 allows this unlike gas or if no matter what beyond Max Lean Stoich E85 stops making power. C7 Corvette - aFe Twisted Steel Connection Pipes - with Cats - Z06. fuel and ethanol blends ranging from E10, E20, E30, E40 to E85 have octane readings between 89 to 105. It's a shame they didn't make the C7 a flex fuel vehicle - many have documented ~20 HP gains (after adding the flex fuel map programming to their C7s) when running 105 octane E85 in an. Both tunes were about 12 lbs boost (Roush TVS). 5, which is much higher than pump gasoline, which ranges from 87 to 93, depending on where you live and where you buy your gasoline. The FlexLink E85 flex fuel system for your 2014 to 2019 C7 Corvette Stingray is a complete ethanol content system for use with the flex fuel mapping that . PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to install this kit without tuning, but you will not gain the ability to . Any speculation as to why the E85 gains on the APR IS38 tune are somewhat minimal compared to other E85 tunes on different platforms? I understand that may be an apples/oranges thing, but I am used to seeing 50+ wheel hp gains on e85. Some prefer to keep things easy to handle with their gains, others throw all caution to the wind with all sorts of superchargers, turbos, size increases, special heads, and so on, all to climb to the top of the mountain. If there is an issure with the tune you will need to send it back for an adjustment. The more boost your running the more relative gain in power you will get. I can not speak to specific power gains, but it is definitely worth going to E85. Whether you are looking to give your Jetta a new stance with some suspension parts, give it some power with an intake or exhaust, we have everything you need to customize your VW. You need to simply pin the factory PCM and run a single wire to it from a flex sensor and then populate the flex fuel tables. of torque over stock to your Corvette. What's the difference in fuel flow between E85 and . Katech CNC ported supercharger for LT4 engines - Corvette Z06, Cadillac CTS-V, Camaro ZL1. The height of the distracted disc space was shortest at C2-C3 and C6-C7. Vehicle must be brought to ECS Tuning for programming. I was quite pleased with that result. Jeep Track Hawk Serious HP 850RWHP. According to the dyno sheet posted at the end, I believe 467/390. I think 40 HP is a bit much for simply switching to E85. torque max gains; LT4 aFe Performance Cold Air Intake System price comparison on this link: aFe Performance Intake System The best Best LT4 Performance Upgrades cold air intake for c7 z06 is also the best dollar per horsepower upgrade. No other components are needed other than proper ECM re-calibration (not included) to achieve these results on your own LT4 powered Corvette. If you go with a guy like Mark Sullens, you will typically see gains of 1 to 2 tenths minimum. So if you are out and about and there is no E85 put 93 in it and the cal with self adjust for regular gas E85 or any combination. The internet, is literally filled with street driven ProCharger supercharged C5 and C6 Corvettes ranging from 500HP to mind bending 1500HP! Well the day is now upon us, and high HP C7's is the new normal. So it is a combination of the two. Buckle up, cause here's a monstrously-tuned TVS supercharged 2014 Ford Shelby GT500 manual facing off against a tuned Corvette C7 Z06 automatic. Ethanol has an octane rating of about 108. Figure about 25-30% more fuel consumption. But there’s room for improvement. Our C7 Corvette Stingray HO Intercooled Systems with P-1SC-1 are supplied with proven tuning calibrations and a handheld programmer set for a 180+ HP gain over stock, on 7 psi of boost and pump gas. As suggested, power increases with fuel quality. There’s a reason professional racers prefer alcohol-based fuel. My LS3 gained 17hp/ 14 tq going from 93 Octane to straight up E85. power gain is totally dependent on what you are using it for. Weistec Stage 1 C7 Audi S7 EA824 4. Why Does E85 Make More Power Than Gasoline?. The Stage 1 Pulley Kit can produce over 700 HP and 700 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel over a stock LT4 engine with proper tuning. 19wtq over the baseline for final numbers of 734. I believe E85 octane ratings range from 100-105. Should I run E85? To lure you in, the quick perks to E85 are: - price per gallon is cheaper than other blends - it can create more torque and HP - adds a cooling effect to engines because it's an alcohol type-fuel. Indy Car race cars run on 100-percent ethanol. This would result in a fuel with an octane rating of almost 92 ( 91. Yes, that is an increase of 214 lb-ft of torque at the wheels over the baseline. 0T Performance Tunes & Software. Our pre-loaded performance tunes could add up to 30 HP & 20 ft. This is mainly due to E85 working with the LT1's high compression and cylinder head design. The midpoint height of the costal process was smallest at C6-C7 and tallest at C4-C5 and C5-C6. phunk, 370Z JT, ANMVQ and 12 others like this. Customers will see 30-35whp gains and 30+ ft-lbs of torque on E85. Typically the turbo guys run e85 for the extra knock resistance so that they can push much higher boost pressures and avoid KR. 10 octane lower than the methanol once commonly used in racing circles. The Ford GT500 was tuned by Advanced Engine Development and it's boasting 815 horsepower at the wheels thanks to an Eaton TVS roots type supercharger. You have enough fuel with the injectors and booster, you should see 40 to 50 rwhp increaseYou just need to add a flex fuel sensor and tune. An interesting fact is that the fuel pump in the vehicle must be able to function with ethanol. 2015 C7 Corvette E85, bolt ons. Now looking to turn it up a bit with some E85 blend. The Corvette C7 Z06 is approximately 300 pounds lighter, achieves quicker peak torque, and incorporates a more advanced traction control system. The ID1050x is the evolution of the ID1000, and the latest addition to the X-Series. In today's video we take the c7 back to the dyno getting an e85 tune. E85 is the designation for an ethanol-blended fuel where ethanol makes up 85-percent of the content, and gasoline 15-percent. The RPM limit is set to 7200 rpm and I've got the shifts programmed to happen at 6700. How Fast Is a Corvette C7 Z06 A/T Burning E85 Fuel? By Arison Knapp - October 29, 2015. *Weighs 3,180 w/ 1/4 tank* - Running MPSS 305/35/19's in rear off of a GT350. 29 103oct Stage 2 100 File/RACECHIP 11. Still waiting on pricing for the conversion, though. E85 is all over the mapI thought meth was the least, and if you actually get 15% that would beat race fuel. Does E85 Make More Power? Heck Yeah!. Tuned by Livernois Motorsports on E85. C7 Z06 AFE Performance Intake System price comparison on this link: AFE Performance Intake System. This is mainly due to E85 working with the LT1’s high compression and cylinder head design. I have had great results in hp increase. My V2 makes about 80-100hp more on E85 versus 93, on the same hard parts, back-to-back dyno pulls. We have this on special for the new year saving you over $400. They are providing a hand-held to switch between the tunes depending on necessity. So just found out that on E85 my 5. DSX Tuning 3D printed fuel line disconnect. Same tuner (and dyno) for my pump 93 and E85 tunes. E85 fuel can give you a significant boost in power and torque without breaking the bank for racing fuels. It is a fine balancing act with any nitrous system, as the power delivery is very aggressive. Keep in mind that the stock figure of 650 horsepower is at the crankshaft and the figures mentioned by David of 889 horsepower on pump gas and 1000 horsepower on E85 are measured at the wheels. advanced Flow Engineering Twisted Steel 48-34130-YC - C7 Corvette Z06. So for the Titan that would result in about 320hp! Very nice indeed. Looks like the 50hp gains are with E85 or 93 octane. Description on YouTube says these are his mods: 2017 GT350 Stock intake with K and N filter. The stock C7 Corvette exhaust system is designed to be efficient, yet quiet. E85 can give a boost in performane, over gasoline, because E85 has a higher octane rating than gasoline. While E85 costs less than straight up 93 you can expect to spend a lot of time at gas stations. The Corvette C7 Z06 is approximately 300 pounds lighter, achieves quicker peak torque, and. To get the octane to 93, it would require a mixture of E85 and E10 with a final ethanol content at 20%. The octane rating indicates a fuel's power to withstand denotation or knock. (Flex Fuel Sensor Reading 51% Ethanol in Fuel at Time Of Dyno) Pre E85 C7 Made 451/453. E85 is an expensive way to get 93 octane and a few extra HP. All Kooks C7 Corvette Headers are TIG Welded using state of the art robots for a perfect fit every time. My car picked up 30whp just from switching from 93 octane to E85. Here is a list of mods: E85 Fuel. E85 is highly electrically conductive in comparison with gasoline fuel that is non-conductive. Cunningham flexfuel e85 kit A 10 hp gain on the top is pretty worthless compare to a 5 hp gain in the middle of your rpm range. of torque on our Z06 Corvettes. Add up to 30 wheel horsepower to your 2014-2019 Corvette C7 Grand Sport, Stingray, Z06 & ZR1 with this replacement drop in air filter! 2016 C7 Z06 A8, 30% E85. Where I am it is normally 30 cents cheaper than regular. (Power and torque gain) Increase in vehicle performance; E85 price lower than conventional fuel . Livernois Motorsports Tune claims 50HP gains (on E85) for V6 JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator E85 gives a fair HP boost naturally in a Flex Fuel vehicle at the cost. The DSX Tuning flex fuel kit is the original plug and play solution to adding flex fuel on Gen IV/Gen V GM V8 vehicles. Running E85 will give you more power, cheaper fuel . Less energy in a gallon of ethanol. Sprint cars and drag racers will use as much as 50% more to make the extra 30+% horsepower gain. I then went to E20 (not even full E85 benefits), and now run ~20-25 degrees of spark advance at WOT. C6 Corvette E85 Conversion. The HP running on E85 should increase to about 435 HP from the factory rated 401 HP on gasoline. You heard correct a completely stock Subaru BRZ (Scion FRS, Toyota 86) with stock headers, stock front pipe, stock over pipe, stock exhaust, stock intake stock engine and even the stock intake filter. Yes, you can get some more HP out of a performance eninge running E85. In addition to the power gains, the E85 dropped the inlet air temps by over 70 degrees, from. I've attached the tune and a datalog. Register now to gain access to all of our features. PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to install this kit without tuning, but you will not gain the ability to switch fuels until the functionality is activated in the . I've searched the forum for this, and can't find much about power gains from e85 flex fuel kit and an e85 tune. Some Long Tubes, E85 Tune, & E85. An increase of 47 HP and 43 lb-ft peak to peak. The 93 octane tune is a 35-40hp gain if you do not want E85. It has a base octane rating of 105 and has the bonus of added cooling properties that add even more knock resistance than racing fuels with the same rating. This cold air intake features a reverse venturi intake tube with a bell-mouthed throttle body junction, leading to a superior level of unabated airflow, that averages 18-30 degrees cooler than that supplied via factory induction ductwork. Mods Recommended: Catless DP. There is some sort of rev limiter I'm hitting at 6600. Large gains were seen throughout the power band, including an additional 57 horsepower and 85 ft-lbs of torque. Also, you should run a Flex Fuel sensor and tune to allow for variances in alcohol content between pumps. There is a station close to me that sells E85 gasoline, and it is very easy to calculate how much E85 and E10 (std 91 octane CA premium) to mix to get a E15 blend. When e85 was thrown in the tank and finished tuning, the car made 152. ---2016 C7 Z06 3LZ DSOM A8,CFZ,Glass Roof,Comp seat, [/SIGPIC] Save Share. Stock spark which was ~10 degrees advance at WOT. E85 who knows there are some outlandish HP numbers being posted in various threads hereSo not so much about how much HP you will gain, but the % increase over whatever mods and HP you have!. Car has a DSX 2014+C7 Z06 Flex Fuel Kit I have done several 2014. 91 octane is poor fueling and only recommended if you do not have access to better fuel. While naturally the biggest HP gains are at high RPM (nearly 70 HP increase at 6500 RPM) there's a healthy gain of torque throughout the RPM range that's very usable in normal driving and moderate towing (not just when you have your foot to the floor). Great product - I recommend it 100%. The alcohol in the E85 creates a micro-atmosphere within the combustion chamber producing a cooler charge for more power. Corvettes tuned for E85 are making 40 more HP. C7 corvette E85 Dyno Tune!!. But most tuners don't like to spend 2-3 days tuning 1 car. * enabled the sensor and it's trouble codes. Horsepower gains are impressive as well with power increasing . An e85 tune will increase HP with no other mods. If your engine is tuned right, it can gain up to 20% with flex fuel. For example, on my pro charged TA with 7psi I only gained about 25 hp with e85 vs premium. In the end the engine took an extra 6-8 degrees of ignition advance over what it accepted on pump gas. Research indicates Ford FFVs experience a 5% horsepower gain on E85. Higher boost levels and horsepower gains of up to 50% are possible with an Intercooled Tuner Kit and custom tuning, and even higher with modified. Man, if we can just get Brazilian sugar cane E85 imported and bring the price down under $3. But on E85 it's about 15% cooler than gasoline, and we actually have the fans kick on sooner as the OEM settings sometimes don't turn them on until nearly 230*. Car made 612/631 on a mustang dyno after i finished tuning on straignt 93 pump gas. ProCharged C7’s putting down 600, 700, 800, 900HP! (On Stock Short Blocks) Sunday, March 15, 2015 - 14:25. I dont feel its a joke to come here for performance discussions , if E fuels actually did this it didnt happen when I tested it on a 2015 with drum E85 or did it make more then a few HP gains when I ran a full tank of 105 octane race fuel through the same 2015. E85 has an advantage over 110 oct because it seems to allow more aggressive timing advances than 110. NA hp gains discussion So I've been doing research on what can be done to speed up the twin without FI. 0T ECU Stage 1 Tune! IE is excited to announce the all-new ECU & DSG Tune for the Audi 4. A commercial-grade outboard motor built to handle the task at hand. " Okay, so we're seeing the benefit here. How does the V3 do compared to the V2 when going to E85? I know the V2's made a hell of a lot more power on E85 (well - up to about E60). They have an excellent customer service as well. 2 would be nice to have but this makes trading down to the 5. Yeah I think tune was fully adjusted to E85 until on the Dyno. 2015+ C7 Corvette Z06 Intercooler Coolant Expansion Tank. Cunningham flexfuel e85 kit The more you can push in is relative to the more you can push out. The yellow C7 Corvette in the care of Complete Street Performance in West Chester, Pennsylvania currently falls in the latter. This gain was achieved because we could optimise the ignition timing without encountering knock. 7:1 for gasoline) so fuel consumption will skyrocket. (Flex Fuel Sensor Reading 51% Ethanol in Fuel at Time Of Dyno) Pre E85 C7 Made . The gains we observed (574 rwhp on pump gas 93 octane versus 616 rwhp with methanol injection added) are large. I'd say they were both a safe, very street friendly tune. Ethanol contains less energy, AND engines aren't tune to E85 (FFVs are not optimized to E85, so they experience a 5% to 15% drop in fuel economy. [email protected] All of that with stock tires. of torque are what you get when you download aFe custom calibrated tunes for your Corvette . Performance Tuners for 2015 & 2016 Corvette C7 & Z06. Add a CAI and the Corsa exhaust and you are going to be close to 50hp. With minimal tools and approximately 30 minutes depending on mechanical skill set, you can install this 100% reversible kit, giving your car the *capability to use high octane ethanol fuels. While mixing 85 percent 108-octane ethanol with 15 percent 93 octane would. Produces an additional 18 horsepower and 22 lbs. GM has laid the foundation with the LT4's forged internal motor, and now a ProCharger supercharger system provides you the power adder to make it reality. E85 (55%), tune, PTB and PIM: 11. Next are headers and intake manifold. 5TFSI EVO Performance Software, 8V/8S Audi RS3. Each Header System dumps into massive 3 inch collectors for peak Horsepower and Torque gains. B58 MHD Stage 2 HP Gains & Mods. But that's with all the bolt-ons that I have. Horsepower & torque gains maximized. E85 Your combo sounds like the perfect candidate for E85. So far from what I understand the biggest improvements are the e85/flexfuel conversion for +30hp and header for +20. * populated stoich- and timing tables based on fellow members ZL1's E85 tune. Typical horsepower gains from adding an aftermarket exhaust yield around 10-15 horsepower. Started at only 2 hp gains and then picked up 1-2 hp per pull until it evened out at about the 416. ROBB HOLLAND CHOOSES E85 ETHANOL-FUELED KATECH STAGE 3 C7 Z06 and parts add horsepower and overall performance in an extremely tough, . fuels until the functionality is activated in the ECM through HP Tuners or EFILive. Take a look at how to increase horsepower for your Corvette. The other thing to consider when adding our headers would be the gains you will see from future mods (Cams, intakes, heads). I know e85 shines with forced induction applications, but will a naturally aspirated LS3 see any power gains from e85? I'm running vararam intake, ported TB, LT headers, high flow cats, exhaust, and a Dynosteve tune. 2015 Corvette Z51 w/ Automatic Transmission. C7 Z06 Corvette LT4 Balancer and Supercharger Pulley Kit. He did not do my carb but I hear he is one of the better guy's out there. Stage 2, E85, 585 HP, 521 TQ, 171 HP @ 6399 RPM, 172 @ 4334 RPM, 7,400 RPM, ∞ . E85 has a few issues you need to take into account before using it. Well, E85 actually helps cool the engine off, and so does higher octane tuning as the engine temps reduce when better fuel is used. The C7 Corvette is powered by the new LT1 V8, delivering 455 horsepower and 460lb-ft of torque (460hp and 465tq with the performance exhaust setup). If E85 is available, we highly recommend mixing 20-30%. Get rid of the highly restrictive factory main cats on your Z06 Corvette with the Twisted Steel Connection Pipes. How much power will it gain? Enjoy!!. 40 per gallon less than 87-octane gasoline. Only two storage bins were behind the seats, this had been three. Mark Berry's ProCharger-fed, E85-drinking C7 Z06 is a muscle-bound street tough ready to throw down on Corvette Magazine. Power approaching 400whp on a pretty conservative tune is impressive to say the least. E85 gains V8 LT1 Engine, Exhaust, and Bolt-Ons. Custom Tune HP Gains: 10-20hp (pump gas, tune only) 1. Gains up to 57HP & 85TQ on 93 Octane, 85HP & 134TQ on E85 This upgrade requires the vehicle to be dropped off at ECS Tuning's facility in Ohio and picked up the next business day. Some people will run at a track like ours and expect the 11. I have to agree with what others have said. That was on an engine making about 480 rwhp before the addition of Flexfuel. Use these kits to add the ability to run anywhere from straight gasoline to straight ethanol as well as reveal the true power potential of your setup. Brand New Stock LT4 Replacements Applications: High horsepower GM Gen V V8 and V6 direct injection engines including LT4, LT1, Select options. High compression? Boost? Gains can easily exceed 30% maybe more. I've got a 2015 Corvette Stingray A8. PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to install this kit without tuning, but you will not gain the ability to switch fuels . How much horsepower does your Corvette have? Can it compete with the 2019 ZR1 with 755 hp? No matter what you’ve got, just remember you don't have to settle for the stock horsepower. Custom Grind Camshaft - Specs disclosed by Customer if he Wishes. so you just fill with 93 and don’t worry. ---2016 C7 Z06 3LZ DSOM A8,CFZ. DSX Tuning E85 True Flex Fuel Conversion Kit. I have decided to go with an 55 gallon drum in my garage because all my cars are now running e85. Delicious Tuning breaks the 200 wheel horsepower mark on a completely stock Subaru BRZ, using only E85 fuel and EcuTeK ProECU RaceROM for custom tuning. You will consume about 35% more fuel from a stoichiometric AFR standpoint but you can increase the brake thermal efficiency running e85 and gain some of that back with a GOOD tune. The OP will have great gains, but cannot compare to you or me. 5 S6 and S7 is now available! Enjoy a massive power increase, refined driving maps, harder launches, and full E85 support that will deliver up to 652HP & 760TQ!. The best C7 cold air intake for c7 z06 is also the best dollar per horsepower upgrade. Anyone done an E85 conversion on a 2017 Z06? Details on car im trying to tune on a mix of 93 and E85: 2017 Z04, LT4 8L90E Mods: Halltech CAI, IW 18% lower pulley, 1-7/8 long tubes, catless mids. 2015+ C7 Z06 Corvette (LT4) Fuel Components – Tagged "e85". Also the alcohol in E85 has a HUGE cooling property associated with it as. Drawbacks of the e85 were that in cold weather, very cold, it was hard to start. Also, by running E85 you are supporting local business instead of overseas dependancy. I would up your pulley size as well to get max gains and take advantage of the cooling properties and additional octane. You don’t need to up injector to you have a good bit of mods. Why Does E85 Make More Power? The E85 boosts the engine's horsepower because of two factors: its amazing octane rating and cooling capacity. 71 93/e85 93 map - Unitronic Stage 2 B8 S4 6MT. You cannot get too much boost with normal pump fuels because of denotation; hence the low octane ratings. A stock C7 Corvette Stingray packs between 395-420 horsepower at the wheels, depending on a handful of variables including temperature, altitude and the individual dynamometer itself. It’s long been touted as one of, if not, the best fuels for forced induction engines. Fuel labeled as E85 varies between E50 and E85 true alcohol content. 87 with a 93 octane tune at 15psi. In Minnesota, E85 can often be found for $. You could recover that cost in a couple of years (E85 delivers a 30% or more savings in fuel costs versus premium, even when reduced fuel economy with E85 is factored in). A stock C7 Z06 makes around 570 horsepower at the wheels, with reports online ranging from 550 to 580 wheel horsepower with all sorts of variables. Buckle up, cause here’s a monstrously-tuned TVS supercharged 2014 Ford Shelby GT500 manual facing off against a tuned Corvette C7 Z06 automatic. "On a naturally-aspirated setup, we have seen a 20-25 horsepower gain with E85. Hi Guys, I have installed a DSX tuning flex fuel sensor to my car and now working on the tune? Car is stock except for the BMS airfilter, '17 SC lid and Borla mid pipe. The AFE Momentum Pro 5R intake system unleashes an extra 37 horsepower and 33 lbs. The Ford GT500 was tuned by Advanced Engine Development and it's boasting 815 horsepower at the wheels thanks to an Eaton TVS roots type . Rev limiter increased to 7200 RPM (requires TCU tune) Cluster reprogrammed to show new 7200 RPM limit. The main benefit with E85 is the ability to run more aggressive timing then premium without the use of meth or race gas. As far as HP gains, yes I did see a difference because you are running 110 octane duh!!!! Yes it is worth doing, and cheaper than paying for regular gas. It would also open up the possibility of making BIG power on boost, since E85 has the same knock resistance of 100+ octane race fuel. The Lingenfelter 720 HP C7 Z06 Corvette Upgrade Kit is based on LPE s installed Stage 1 package for the C7 Z06 Corvette, bringing the same proven combination of components installed at Lingenfelter to performance shops and experienced DIY consumers This kit produces 720 HP and 730 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel ECM calibration is required but not included. On an NA car i'd imagine that the safety window is much larger, but the gains are not as significant. With a good tune, modern engines have seen gains in excess of 30 whp! No other simple bolt-on offers that kind of horsepower per dollar return. With our package you also get the luxury of flex fuel tuning. C7 E85 Hp Gains In-depth review of the HP Pavilion 15-ab052ng (AMD A-Series A10-8700P, AMD Radeon R8 M365DX, 15. And while the 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque that the Gen V LT4 generates in the C7 Corvette Z06 and sixth-generation Camaro . A 10 hp gain on the top is pretty worthless compare to a 5 hp gain in the middle of your rpm range. Your tuner will tell you when your running out of injector. Integrating the sensor into the system allows the PCM to read the alcohol content of the fuel in "real time", and making the necessary fueling and timing changes, also in "real time". Katech CNC Ported Cylinder Heads for LS1, LS6, LS2, Trucks, LS3, L92, LS7, LT1 and LT4. ” Okay, so we’re seeing the benefit here. 29 100oct Stage 1 93 File APR Tuned Stage 2 ECU/TCU | Roc Euro | Catless Downpipes | Milltek Resonated Previous B8 S4 11. Katech vLog - The Streetspeed717 Z06 chassis dyno and shop projects update. We have seen 30-40 RWHP gains from converting to E85 on a C7 Stingray, and 40-50 RWHP on the C7 Z06* (Z06 is limited to 50%-60% concentration due to stock fuel design limitations). E85 tune + VMP 67 mm throttle body and elbow made 670 HP for a 102 HP gain. “On a naturally-aspirated setup, we have seen a 20-25 horsepower gain with E85. Since the engine won't ping or knock when the . E85 tests between 100-105 octane, costs a fraction of premium, and gives a free 20-30 HP (many who make the switch dyno at a 30-40 HP gain). The Corvette intake delivers up to 17 hp gains, depending on the model. A street tune is best with cold starts etc. He needs to compare his gains at his elevation and track conditions with his own car or cars in the area. Alcohol is effective in creating more power because. 0 - Rewrite the plugin and SQL system. But, like we said, we always thought that E85 REALLY shines when coupled with a supercharger or a turbocharger(s). One gallon of ethanol (E85) has about 70-80 percent of the energy as one gallon of gasoline. Mail order tunes can be great if its not your DD. Katech 416 LS3 Camaro SS Customer Testamonial. He will convert your existing carb for around 400. With these kits and proper tuning you can run premium fuel or straight ethanol to give your LS3 or L99 the potential to produce more power and run efficiently. Yes E85 and Flex fuel are the same thing. We have seen over a 65RWHP gains on LSA. Mods: Kooks 1 7/8" Kooks LT Headers - Cat Delete - X Pipe, E85 Conversion, K&N CAI, Ported Throttle Body. With FlexLink you can run E85 in your C7 Corvette and switch from gas to ethanol anytime. The HP gains you only enjoy when you romp it but throttle response is gold 100% of the time. A set of Kooks longtube headers on a otherwise stock 2000 LS1 Vette will get you 28-35hp. 91, 93, & E85 octanes available (95, 98, RON & E85) ECU safely adapts between E65-E85 Ethanol. Gaining 42 rwhp for $500-$750 is as economical as adding a good aftermarket camshaft to a typical LS engine. 4 Reasons E85 Flex Fuel Produces More Power. As with conventional gasoline, E85 prices fluctuate daily (or hourly, it seems, at some stations). One of the first modifications Corvette owners make is to add a new exhaust system. Ethanol fuel, commonly referred to as E85 or flex fuel, is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. About C7 Gains E85 Hp It is the most recent offering from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport, and is the result of lessons l. C7 Corvette Exhaust Systems. And both have been modified and tuned to run cleaner burning E85 fuel. The inTune and Trinity performance tuners are the easiest performance upgrade you can do, with the biggest power gain per dollar!. realistic hp gains from headers. With a gain of 27 rwhp over pump gas from just a flex fuel sensor and tune, this is one impressive modification that can now be done from . It costs me about 2 mpg from 22 down to 20mpg. Ethanol comes from plants and is renewable. The quantities needed are different: more E85 is needed than gasoline, typically 20- to 35-percent more. THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE OF E85 IS THE PRICE!! It's hard to beat $3:50 a gal compared to whatever the price of 110 oct race fuel is now-a-days. Hennessey, and Lingenfelter alone, you could build a 1000 horsepower C7 Z06. For decades, alcohol has been used in drag racing, NASCAR, IRL, and so on. After jetting the blower carbs for E85, the power output jumped to 700. So if you want to run E85 -- the gains are there -- you should see 8-12whp regardless of the octane rating of your pump gas as the properties of the ethanol alone net gains over pump gas. The Ford GT500 was tuned by Advanced Engine Development and it’s boasting 815 horsepower at the wheels thanks to an Eaton TVS roots type supercharger. You will gain around 85 hp and 75 tq. How To Run E85 in your FR-S, BRZ or Toyota 86 for Big HP gains with OpenFlash Tablet Charles Pages July 9, 2016 Everyone knows the Scion FR-S , Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ are short on power; this is not a new complaint. Converting your car to Flex-Fuel is a safe alternative to running 2 separate tune files (premium & E85). With correct tuning, you WILL gain additional horsepower.