e98 vs e85. Discussion Starter · #1 · May 2, 2015. Torco's T85 has a consistent proportion of ethanol and all. Nieuwe namen aan de pomp en wat is eigenlijk E85? De oudste, bekendste en meest voorkomende autobrandstof is benzine. There are a bunch of stations within a 12 mile radius. E98 has a HUGE property of attracting moisture, and clogging your whole system with watery junk. When a terminal sells E85, my understanding is it mixes E98 or E99 with 87. E85 Ethanol Fuel: How to Corn Your Way to More Horsepower. Renegade's is also a race grade E85so again, the cost isn't validated. Mikäli auto vaatii minimissään 98-oktaanista, ei 95E10 sovellu autoon. Best part would be it's consistency, no more guessing what blend you have and always . Le bioéthanol a un pouvoir calorifique plus faible que celui de l'essence, pour que votre moteur délivre 1 watt d'énergie, il faudra donc plus . E85 Basics: Ethanol is an American-based product that both stimulates local argricultural economy and is a very clean-burning fuel. The reason MPG decreases when using E85 compared to gasoline is becuase E85 has lower enegy density vs. More gasoline in Ethanol make a big change in "Vapor Pressure" so you have a Chance to became Bubbles in your Carburetor cars. I’m lucky enough to have E98 available to me locally at the pump, same pump I have to go to for E85. Formulated with 98 percent race grade ethanol and 2 percent of a premium hydrocarbon component, you will get the extra cooling and high octane value that ethanol provides. Differences Between E85 And E95. 8AFR with e85 ? ive also got some e98 stored and im assuming i should be aiming for the same afr on a gasoline meter as i would be with e85, 11. SKU: VPFX985 Shipping: (R+M)/2 Octane Unleaded Ethanol Free Fuel - 5 Gallon Pail. Best part would be it's consistency, no more guessing what blend you have and always adjusting your globals. no differences in trap or ET at the track though. Has anyone done any dyno testing comparing E85 to C16 on LS based setups? Has anyone compared 85 vs 98 or a slightly diluted 98?. E85/E98 Vs methanol General Tuning Discussion Forum Posts. Our local drag strip fuel farm sells straight E98. In general terms e85 = 110 oct. Powerplus E98+ is a renewable fuel source that is also environmentally friendly. Top quality ethanol fuel produced with the consistency for which VP is famous. ly/2KlAS2T Check out this preview of Engine Masters Episode 30, as Freiburger, Dulcich and St. My Hellion TT S550 is tuned by Jon Lund for both 93 and E85. Ignite Racing Fuel: Home of the ORIGINAL high performance ethanol! Get into gear and contact us today to learn how to get into the fast lane! E90, E85, E98. premium Gasoline at 93 or 91 if you live in California. Where Im located in central jersey, there are absolutely no e85 stations. Im running a 45mm lectron on a 81mm x 77mm motor. E98 will have more oxygen in the fuel than E85 will as ethanol is an oxygenated fuel. Generally once the ethanol percentage drops by more then 5 points from what you were tuned on you will want to adjust your tune/boost to compensate. 7 - 10:1 AFR depending on if it is summer blend (85% ethanol or winter blend of 70% ethanol). Using alcohol fuels like ethanol, however, requires certain adjustments in car engines to be fully operational. I will be switching over to e98 soon and I can't wait. Ignite Orange E85: The Ignite E85 blend is perfect for those with mid-range horsepower levels, crate motor applications, and carbureted applications. $277, sounds like a shipping quote I got from Hyperfuels on their E98. E98 may cool the air more then E85 does thereby reducing intake air temp. 40 lbs/min of fuel with gasoline 50 / 9. This calculator will allow you to calculate injector size based on power requirement. In addition, as Argonne National Laboratory states. Typical warning placed in the fuel filler of U. Unlike gas station blends that can legally range from 51%-85% ethanol, Ignite E85 is blended 85% ethanol with 15% denaturant every single time. E85 has a 30% lower energy content than regular gasoline and therefore requires 30% more fuel to operate the same. And in comparison between VP, Sunoco and Renegade, their labeling of canned E85 varies between 104-112 octane. on-road demo of Class 8 truck with Cummins X15 running E98 ethanol engine series range extender running on gasoline or E85 used only . It should be stored in dark, tightly sealed containers where the. But most factory Flex Fuel produced cars do not take advantage of E85's higher octane rating which, btw, is around 102-105 vs. E98 will have more oxygen in the fuel than E85 will as ethanol . For us E85 (and E98) users what power are you putting out and with what turbo? Has anyone dyno'd with E85 and Nitrous? What about Water injection? You can choose your turbo and nitrous if you like. say C16 VS E98, and VP import VS E98. E85 (around me) is not too difficult to find. Ignite Yellow E98: For straight ethanol applications, Ignite E98 is your weapon of . You can mix in some E85 or E98 and, using a weighted average, compute the final blend. The non-ethanol portion of Sunoco E85-R is comprised of highly-refined race fuel hydrocarbons for stability and consistency. I PREFER THIS PRODUCT BE PICKED UP FOR MAXIMUM SAVINGS. E98 is the same price as E85 here which is basically the same price as pump gas. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 1, 2010. 03:1 AFR is the stoich mixture for pure ethanol, typical E85 has a stoich AFR of 9. The Octane Rating in the calculator is using (R+M)/2 values. There is no comparison to pump gasoline crap. Variations such as Natural Aspirated, Turbo or supercharged, or specific type of gasoline, can be used. How readily available is E98? I used a 55 gallon drum of it earlier in the year but only to supplement the E70 I was getting out of the tanks since it was the "winter blend" 1 gallon E70 + 1 gallon E98 ~ E85 which was where I was shooting for. E98 has become popular as a race fuel for many types of applications. Its performance is comparable to 125 octane race fuel. Shipping calculated at checkout. Ignite Yellow E98: For straight ethanol applications, Ignite E98 is your weapon of choice. 1st off you cannot compare 100 octane to E85. 79 should be around the sweet spot. You can use your octane value (like RON), the answer will be in your octane value. C85 makes up to 4% more power and torque than conventional E85. Start your General Tuning Discussions here. Unresolved Threads = Resolved threads Reply. Your engine will run cooler and your ET’s will be less affected by atmospheric changes. My question is, for a street vehicle, at what point if any does it pay to go to E98 vs E85? I will be running a flex fuel sensor, so E85 variance is not a huge concern. A: Ethanol (sometimes referred to as E98) is simply no different than distilled spirits – sippin’ whiskey, if you will. This is because it is extremely expensive to remove that last bit of water. Benzinewagens: tank je nu het best euro 95 of 98?. If you are only wanting 800rwhp just do e85 . Injector calculators to match size to horsepower for gasoline, E85, E98, Methanol. Torco Race Ethanol Fuel T85 85% Blend. Engine modification is not advisable for . Calculate Injector Size Based on Power Requirement. Realistic and safe power gains from E85. I'm currently running e85 was curious if it would be worth the switch to e98 to pay for another tune for e98 would the power be . Ok I've got a 13:1 388ci LT1 motor running on E85, only a dozen and it's worth real power versus any snake oil plasma ignition crap. This Injector Rx “Calculate horsepower based on injector size” calculator will allow you to calculate how much horsepower or KW a specific fuel injector can support. I didn't include twin turbo because I figure anyone using a TT setup has no more money to spend. For the practical purposes of using ethanol as a fuel, E98 is essentially just ethyl-alcohol or ethanol plus 2-percent gasoline so that it cannot be consumed. News, products, problems and results. (Sidebar here: While the ethanol content of pump E85 can vary, Santner notes that Sunoco E85R always contains 85% ethanol; likewise, the brand’s E98 recipe never changes. E85/E98 and Nitrous Ignition?. You can select between horsepower (HP) or kilowatt (KW). De samenstelling van benzine is in de . VP Racing Fuel X98 115 Octane Pure E98 - More Consistent than Pump! 5 Gallon Pail; VP Racing Fuels VP Racing Fuel X98 115 Octane Pure E98 - More Consistent than Pump! 5 Gallon Pail. Due to its high concentration of oxygenates there will be considerably higher fuel flow compared to conventional non-oxygenated fuel. The octane rating for E15 (15% ethanol) is 88 octane and E85 (85% ethanol) is 108 octane. What about E98 or Methanol? We have years of experience with both E98 and Methanol. " but x85 "Blended with 85% ethanol and 15% top quality hydrocarbons every time, unlike pump E85 which is very inconsistent. E100 Racing & Ethanol fast: Our ethanol is 100% ethanol cut with 1/100th% drip gas (liquid propane) so you get the highest grade of Ethan possible. I would think if you are not dropping fuel pressure 1600s on E98 should be good for around 650whp- 700whp. Sunoco E85-R 99 Octane Unleaded Racing Fuel in 5 Gallon Pails contains 85% Ethanol. Saves time messin around mixing fuels. I’m having the cars tuned for 91 octane for travel and winter storage and am thinking about having the E98 tunes done at the same time just for fun if there is enough gains to make it worth the cost. Take it most on here don't even know what E85 or E98 is. Ethanol is a renewable, domestically produced transportation fuel. I'm lucky enough to have E98 available to me locally at the pump, same pump I have to go to for E85. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 25, 2020. Methanol is a much better fuel for high boost application due to the high octane rating coupled with a very high latent heat of evaporation meaning it can absorb large amounts of heat from the combustion chamber as it goes through a phase change from liquid to vapour. Discuss all things tuning in this section. You will come out way ahead dollar per gallon wise versus running race gas. Just because you can advance timing doesn't always mean you should. There have been a few people that ran comparisons between C85, Renegade E85, pump E85 that tested to be 85%, self mixed e98 with 87 octane to get 85% On the dyno, they saw at best 3% from race grade E85. E85 is a fuel that is made of 85 % ethanol, and 15% gasoline. Get help with a tuning job and opinions on tuning strategies from experienced tuners from around . My highest "ethanol" pulls have been on VP E50 on naturally aspirated high compression, but on turbocharged E98/X98 would win (as intake temperatures are much higher). It will have less octane with E70 vs E85 naturally. The target lambda on E85/E98 is similar to what I aim for on pump fuel so you should have been in the ball park at 0. VP Racing Fuel X98 115 Octane Pure E98. and cc/min, and Flow in gallons/hr. In the Future e85 should be the same all over the World. My car is tuned for E85 by 04sleeper. You would be surprised how fast one can burn up 15 gallons on the street. I had talked to a guy that worked at an ethanol plant, there were guys who got fired, for drinking it on the job, before it was. The primary reason for conversion is heat. E50-E98 power difference depends a lot on what it's blended with. Description When you need the added benefits of a higher percentage of ethanol than E85 provides, Renegade PRO E98 is just what you are looking for. Watch full episodes for FREE right now on MotorTrend!http://bit. Het is je vast al meermaals opgevallen aan de pomp: euro 95 is aanzienlijk goedkoper dan euro 98. With 85 figure about 30% more fuel vs. Even though we have E98 we may still blind it down to E85 with 92oct if we are running out of fuel. I am able to get E98 at Torco here locally but still I tuned to 80 when our pump fuel was 85. Also picking up some 5 gallon drums of E98 that they sell. As far as e85 its readily available here the mix is usually 90% at this gas station that sells race gas. Its basically moonshine at that point. on a gasoline meter should i be aiming for around 11. Transportation and Transfer of Ethanol. Straight ethanol (E98) has a rated anti-knock index (R+M/2) somewhere around 115 octane. Joined Jun 16, 2010 · 272 Posts. Anyone here running E98 or Sunoco E85R Fuels Buy the E98 and make your own E85. X-E85 is a race grade ethanol fuel made with premium products and does not contain pump gas. Watch the continuation of our Forced Induction series as we tackle which Fuel makes the most power. If you are running flex fuel, you can add in e98. S is intended to be used in forced induction, nitrous, and N/A engines that typically use race fuels with an octane rating of 100 to 112. Sunoco E85-R is a blended racing fuel that contains highly refined hydrocarbons with 85% Ethanol. If E85 is 105 octane that acts like 108-110, then E98 with 93 octane mixed in at 15% should be 110 octane that acts around 114. c4 Nf6 - Chess Opening explorer. Evo General - E98 vs e85 - What kind of power will you see from e98 over e85? Thinking about using e98 on my new setup, i can order 55gal . #14 12-02-2007, 12:21 PM Saltfever Registered User Join Date: Oct 2004 Location: Northern Calif. I PERSONALLY MIX IT DOWN TO E85 WITH 93 OCTANE FOR MY GT-R. 00 lambda and never detonate in a bazillion years. the performance capabilities between the e85 intercooled setup and the non intercooled e98. If I can find data that proves XX% of ethanol is best for power in a blown LS3 set up that's what I'll run. The car may be a bit hard to start on a cold morning, but it is a race car. Calculate Injector Size Based on Power Requirement in HP or KW. Converting over twin dominators for drag use only in a 605 solid block engine. What advantages and disadvantages are there in the different fuels. E-85 is said to have a higher octane level but your fuel mileage and power . Sunoco E85-R is the racer’s fuel of choice where E85 fuels are allowed. What would give me the best performance and consistency. The other option is to buy summer blend from a station you trust in drum quantities during the summer before the winter blend switch and store it over the winter. Note: Do not use with fuel injectors that are not compatible with MTBE. The Official Unofficial E85 Ethanol Thread. Torco has engineered T85 to make up to 4% more power and torque than conventional E85. The fine lines are not visible, but the values can be seen. I decided to make a quick thread to help clarify everything for both the ProEFI and E85 in general. Have a Delightful, Rainbowey, Unicorny day. Sunoco E98 is a blended racing fuel that contains 98% Ethanol. I would assume that the difference in octane would probably be a result of the ethanol. Switching From Gas To E85 Or E70. C85 works well in drag racing, circle track, off road and virtually any other automotive application. After some research, it looks as if it is just as easy / close to get E98 as it is to get E85. Ethanol-blended fuels such as E65, E85 and E98 have become popular due to the availability at the pump in many regions of the country. Ethanol is used for its high resistance to detonation, ability to lower intake air temperatures and high oxygen content. Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Review. don't do it! keep it to E85 *ONLY* 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk - True Blue Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again - Franklin P. If the car will start on 98 and provide the best power that's what I'll run. · X-E98 is a premium 98% ethanol race fuel that provides you with . Has anyone done any dyno testing comparing E85 to C16 on boosted LS based setups?. E85-korkeaseosetanolipolttoainetta, jossa on 85 prosenttia etanolia. THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE OF E85 IS THE PRICE!! It's hard to beat $3:50 a gal compared to whatever the price of 110 oct race fuel is now-a-days. Also, E98 is a more constant fuel. never still hanging around Joined Jul 15, 2011. Buy some e100, cut it with some oj, coke, sprite, etc, and you would have one powerful drink!! That's why its e98. to youtube to the tuning school and watch the videos of gas vs e85 and so on. e85 is great for forced induction. Has anyone done any dyno testing comparing E85 to C16 on boosted LS based setups? Has anyone compared 85 vs 98 or a slightly diluted 98?. E85 (around me) is not too difficult to . 80 - You won't lose any power but it will help reduce combustion temperature. Sunoco E85-R does not contain metallic additives and will not harm oxygen sensors. im running a 3800 series 2 stroked to 4. Race Fuel E98 RACE ETHANOL 55 GAL DRUM. At very high boost levels E85/E98 can be problematic and you can quite possibly still end up with knock occurring which at high specific power levels can very quickly destroy your engine. While it has been around for quite some time, it is just now starting to take hold in the US. You will also require a little more fuel than e85 so be ready for that. I would always have to fill at station, then go home to top it off too which sucks. E98 has a stoich air/fuel ratio of 9. If I get a e85 tune, can I use e98 or should I get an e98 tune? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. They do sell e98 at the race track if I remember correctly. E85 is 15% 87 octane so mixing in 93 to E98 will net you an even higher octane level than E85 with more BTU's. Joined Jul 4, 2010 · 62 Posts. Consult with your fuel injection system or carburetor supplier for correct air. RENEGADE PRO E85-PAIL (5 GALLONS)-DRUM (54 GALLONS) Rated 5. There are some interesting things that happen with lower ethanol content and unleaded, high octane gasoline. The equivalent octane of E85 can be from 105 to 109 or so. Mine was Fuel Flow (I think) vs TPS. Our company will help direct you to a transport company or if you are in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho or Nevada we can arrange delivery from Boise to you for a trip charge. Watch the full Forced Induction series here: https://www. You get to a certain point and it Also, above I stated that E85 can be a not knock limited fuel. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 31 Posts. I know E98 is a higher octane and requires 15% more fuel than E85. When ethanol is mixed with sufficient amounts of water, this can cause corrosion, but the effects can be minimized with easy steps such as keeping the fuel tank full when the vehicle is stored. Brake Specific Fuel Consumption: Around. The shouldn't be detrimental effects on running E98 compared to running E85. One Ethanol “S” is high performance E85 fuel built for racers with powerful engines requiring precise and consistent ethanol content. Alternative Fuels: Ethanol & Methanol. EG6 K25 Rallycar High Compression Pistons, 93 vs e85. The ethanol part of E85 and E98 has NO sulfur or any other elements that would . E85 Conversion & Tuning Info. " They should come 4 drums strapped to a pallet so the shipping should be a flat 277 / by X drums. Liian matala oktaaniluku voi aiheuttaa pahimmassa tapauksessa moottorivaurion. This fuel offers many of the benefits of using alcohol as a fuel with fewer of the negative side effects. Hi Guys, Ethanol is new to me and it’s unavailable here locally unless I get it shipped in. This is possibly marginally on the lean side and you might be better running around 0. ) Here’s that weighted average formula:. Whether used in low-level blends, such as E10 (10% ethanol, 90% gasoline), E15 (10. I occasionally have access to E98. The poll allows you to choose both. Does a E98 blend or full tank provide me with any additional safety . SHIPPING IS EXTRA AND ONLY FOR ORDERS OF 4 OR MORE DRUMS. The quantities needed are different: more E85 is needed than gasoline, typically 20- to 35-percent more. E85 is a much higher octane than straight gasoline. vehicles regarding the capability of using up to E10 and warning against the use of blends between E20 and E85 . E85 has a few issues you need to take into account before using it. MainFrame Premium Member Joined Sep 20, 2002 6,716 Posts #4 · Jun 11, 2015 The power difference between e90 and e98 isn't going to be substantial. I liked the 85 better but I have many pumps to choose from within 2 miles from my shop. The mixing fuel is usually 87oct or lower so the octane drops significantly. -Go home, fill up 2 gallons e98 -Im good sitting at e24 It is just a pain in the ass todo, vs if a station had e85, i could just pump the 93, then 85 and be done vs measuring it out and prob spilling some having to do math, buying a good funnel. Formulated to the highest standards for raw ethanol, our E98 is designed to provide the highest quality and documented consistency. Can I cut the E98 with 91 octane to make E85? Would I need to get the car tuned again? All responses are greatly appreciated. I seem to remember that the flashpoint difference between E85 and E98 was not too great, so the timing sensitivity between the two fuels would be similar. If you are talking 12,000 a year E89 wins easily. E98 Compare Fuels E-Commerce Buy Now - 54 Gallon Drum Sunoco E98 is 98 percent ethanol with 2 percent gasoline denaturant. Birch Performance say: much like the Renegade PRO E85, this is an excellent, proven fuel with a number of customers claiming records after moving across to this . Here's some considerations: Gas stations have been known to spike their fuel supplies beyond the current 10% when ethanol …. Every article I have ever read on E-85 vs gas says the opposite. De quoi est composé le superéthanol E85 ? À quelles voitures est destiné ce mélange d'essence et de bioéthanol ? Le point sur ce carburant vert. E98 will likely contain an average of 0. VP states "C85 makes up to 4% more power and torque than conventional E85. The previous owner ran E85 without incident. Renegade PRO E98 (standard) Ethanol Race Fuel. E98 on the other hand can only be bought at a shop about 30 minutes from me. 52 for naturally aspirated engines, All FuelTech engine. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. A quick and dirty correction for Gasoline AFR's to true E85 AFR's is to divide the gasoline AFR by 1. I'm up around 16:1 with no issues. The other 2-percent is gasoline, so it should definitely not be consumed. Rouler à l'E85 use-t-il plus vite mon moteur ?. Horsepower gains~Race Fuel vs. Due to its high concentration of oxygenates, there will be considerably higher fuel flow compared to conventional non-oxygenated fuel. The extra oxygen will allow for more power with even more fuel. RENEGADE PRO E98-PAIL (5 GALLONS)-DRUM (54 GALLONS) Product categories. Il contient entre 65% et 85% en volume . Clearing Up Myths About E85 And Ethanol: 16 Things You. Denatured fuel ethanol (E95, E98) is one of the leading hazardous materials transported by rail. Calculate E85, e85 injector calculator E98. If it was 100% ethanol, it could be used ilegaly to make wisky. You are NOT going to detonate, not even close. 2 with w2a IC whipple running 22-25psi. What is E85 vs E90 vs E70? E85 is a fuel that is starting to be sold more and more at stations across the country. The injector size calculator calculate the amount of HP / KW an injector of a specific size can support. Ether ethanol or methanol will work, methanol is my suggestion. It seems like jetting for meth or ethanol would be the same except for fine tuning. In some country’s, E85 is a more popular gas than regular gasoline. I'm having the cars tuned for 91 octane for travel and winter storage and am thinking about having the E98 tunes done at the same time just for fun if there is enough gains to make it worth the cost. If you’re trying to find the car that’s right for you, check out our best cars and top 10 lists. Twin Turbo 1800 HP V-Drive lake boat. E85 price spread less than 15 %. His email reads, "Should be between $375 and $400 per drum shipped maybe a little cheaper with 8+. Convert lbs/hr to cc/min to g/s * Brake Specific Fuel Consumption: is the amount of fuel consumed (in lbs. E85 needs about 30% more fuel compared to meths 50% You can run close to the same compression with E85 as meth also. E85 gas (also known as flex fuel) is a high-level combination of ethanol and gasoline that consists of 51 percent to 83 percent ethanol blended with E85 is the most common form of flex fuel available on the market. 01:1 while ethanol free gasoline is 14. Note: Calculation is based on fuel pressure of 43. Ignite E98 delivers outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications. Startup Help, 2150's AEM EMS E98. Difference between test good e85 pump gas and your vp e85? recommended oils for both 604 and 602? Vp rx 96? recommended oil for 602 and 604? How big of a benefit is e98 vs e85 on a 602? To listen to this episode on our Racing Insider's Podcast, click here. Now when cruising I have to re-fuel back at the shop when cruising around. When you need the added benefits of a higher percentage of ethanol than E85 provides, Renegade Pro E98 is just what you are looking for. We ONLY Ship To The 48 Continental United States! Check our dealer locator for other locations. In addition to having a consistent ethanol content, E85 from a race fuel blender should insure that the “other hydrocarbons in the gasoline boiling range” used to make up the remaining 15% are of high quality with a reasonable octane rating. E85 is the designation for an ethanol-blended fuel where ethanol makes up 85-percent of the content, and gasoline 15-percent. When you mix 10 percent 113 octane ethanol with 85 octane gasoline it increases the octane two points to the normal 87 octane most consumers use. You can buy performance E85 in drums or cans which has a known blend, or buy straight E98 and blend your own custom blend. B BBchevy Registered Joined Jun 18, 2015 27 Posts #8 · Jul 1, 2015. And E85 means 85% ethanol, 15% gasoline right? Better yet, buy E98. Here - E85 has to be a minimum of 51% ethanol to be called “E85”, but there is actually no regulation on the octane of E85 fuel. Sunoco E98 Ethanol Race Fuel is 98 percent Denatured Alcohol. Made 675whp @ 35psi on e85 717whp @ same boost on e98 Went to 38psi made 730 on e98 Setup Benson sleeved 83mm gsr Hta86 Id2000s Two 044s Almost 40 more hp @ same boost. Even with the same Econtent, the octane rating can fluctuate between 100-108 according to the state of MN. More timing, more boost, more power w e98 Not necessarily. With higher quality pure components, C85 is superior to E85 products. Furthermore, my comment was to say, for the aforementioned blending, of you were to use 93 instead of 87, the 15% gasoline cut with the added octane of 93 shouldn't make much difference. Q: I’ve been told that if I put E85 in my older muscle car, I will have to use a special and very expensive PTFE fuel line. Joined Feb 2, 2020 · 169 Posts. E65 is usually found during the winter months in colder climates while E85 is the standard for the rest of the year. Just wondering the difference between running E85 or E98. Le superéthanol E85 est un carburant constitué d'un mélange d'éthanol et d'essence sans plomb. Furthermore, my comment was to say, for the aforementioned blending, of you were to use 93 instead of 87, the 15% gasoline cut with the added octane of 93 shouldn’t make much difference. I can buy my friends Ignite E98 for a good price as he sold his car. big water ocean water! The difference in knock resistance/octane from e50 and e85 is minimal. FOR SALE!!! BRAND > FUSE FUELS TYPE> E98 RACING ETHANOL 55gal DRUM USE PURE OR MIX IT DOWN WITH 93 OCTANE I HAVE BEEN USING AND SELLING THIS FUEL FOR OVER 2 YEARS NOW. E85 has an advantage over 110 oct because it seems to allow more aggressive timing advances than 110. E85, with it's "anti-knock" properties, can allow timing to be pushed past MBT without knocking. I'm not sure you'd see much performance increase. Unit train shipments containing 80-100 cars of denatured fuel ethanol (E95, E98) are now commonly seen on some key rail routes leaving from the Midwest and carrying products to various population and distribution centers throughout the country. So the higher the ethanol content, the higher the octane. 5% to 15% ethanol), or E85 (flex fuel)—a gasoline-ethanol blend containing 51% to 83% ethanol, depending on geography and season—ethanol helps reduce emissions. Race Fuel VP " C " 85 the better e85 has anyone Used it. Ethanol Benefits and Considerations. E98, which is 98% ethanol, is a popular fuel for some types of race cars. Currently NASCAR uses a race gasoline mixed with 15-percent ethanol, and the Indycar Series racers that initially switched from methanol to E98 . I would like to get a drum but unsure which to get C85 or X85. tint|GIAC Stage 2 w/DSG tune|Tampa ported SC|AMS Alfa|Velos Solo V|Michelin . So would we need to get separate tunes for 91 vs e85? all of the way through a high ethanol blend fuel (e85, e98, etc). Powerplus E98+ is not corrosive like methanol it includes all the anticorrosive’s and lubricants found in Powerplus 98. On our E85 with Meth inj EVO we made 712whp and were only using 70% of our injectors. This calculator will calculate the octane and percent of ethanol from a mixture of E85/Ethanol and gasoline. Not sure where you are located, but if you google around you could find a local place to order . Ethanol would drop that to 2/3 gallon for warmup and I could use e85 for that to boot. Tuning a turbo truck on E98 we still set our desired AFR to 11. Just curious how much more power it could give vs the 93/c85 at e50 i Its hard enough to run E85 so I would think E98 would be nearly . Cold start is an easy fix, e98 is superior in every way. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. Ethanol is added to normal pump gas to help the engines burn cleaner but is only at about a 10-15% ethanol to gas ratio. 98E5 soveltuu kaikkiin bensiinikäyttöisiin autoihin eli sen tankkaamisessa ei ole riskejä. you are in an entirely different arena with ethanol. LT1 Based Engine Tech - 91 vs e85 vs e98 - I know I ran across a thread some where where they where talkin about running e85, and the mods to do it. Le tout modifié par LR PERFORMANCE. I have a large drain valve set up, so a switch to E98 can be done quickly. There are two reasons I can think of why E98 should make more power then E85: 1. It will also allow the input of various fuels such as gasoline, E85, E98 and Methanol.