most obsessive zodiac signs. These 4 Zodiac Signs Love Shopping The Most & They Take. Aries (March 21st to April 19th) (Photo by setareh. Virgo's are the "doers" of the astrological signs. Leo is one of the most obsessive signs that we can find ; Libra. They can be loving and understanding to some and critical to others. They tend to do whatever they. There are many different types of zodiac signs, but most of them are similar in tradition. There is no real definitive answer of what zodiac sign most serial killers are, and being one of these four signs doesn't make you a bloodthirsty killer. When they become obsessed with something or someone it completely takes over their mind, they want to live to breathe and eat whatever it is they now love so much. Pisces (February 19-March 20) 3. Saturn ate his own children when it was predicted they would overthrow him. Taurus people always have their little obsessions, be it with their careers, their. Check out the strengths and weakness of your sign based on the qualities of your zodiac sign here. They are highly territorial and guarded round the clock to sniff any betrayal or threat from a third party. This article is a bit like a caution sign, warning you what some of the most dangerous zodiac signs might tend toward. With that said, here are the five zodiac signs that are good with their money according to Astrology. Fall in love with a Gemini and you will notice that the zodiac is one of the most carefree zodiac signs and not among the jealous zodiac signs. Scorpios are the most obsessive sign of the Zodiac. But be forewarned: If you’re a Gemini with an Aquarius hookup buddy or vice versa, you might catch feelings. This means a Gemini and Aquarius pairing can expect dirty talk, workday sexting that would land them in the hall of fame, and plenty of deep post-coital conversations. Leo (July 23 - August 22) When it comes to Leo, assertiveness is their middle name! Whatever they do and say, it exudes oodles of confidence. You must possess and own your lover entirely, and you experience extreme anxiety if you can't. They try to look hard from the outside, but they are actually deeply sensitive by nature. Most Obsessive Zodiac Sign According To Astrology Are… Taurus: Taurus born individuals are obstinate and have a determined methodology. Scorpios are passionate, loyal and wise, but can also be jealous, obsessive, suspicious and power-hungry. He's usually very calm, composed, and looks very knowledgeable but is naive at times too! So, if you're a Sagittarian you're the friendly Chifuyu Matsuno!. Ness, one of the protagonists of the Earthbound series, is equally intuitive. First off, they like things to be very clean and 2. Even better, you'd handcuff yourself to them. What it is: Fear of violently harming loved ones or even strangers. We have segregated all the zodiac signs which come most to least in this list of dangerous zodiac sign. Pisces are elusive and mysterious creatures, which makes them very intriguing for the simple Taurus. Scorpios are the most obsessive sign of the zodiac. To seduce the Scorpio guy, you must maintain an aura of mystery around yourself. And depending on your personality, a bad day or ongoing stress can cause any negative emotions to escalate. Sagittarius men or women surely don’t fall into the category of the most dirty and lusty or experimental-friendly among the zodiac signs of astrology. When something bad happens they need a home, their 'shell' where they can retreat to. 1 Aries Zodiac Signs (March 21 — April 19): Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius. 1 Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Ness. Yes, your sun sign can predict the type of OCD you are most likely to suffer from! Freaky, right? Read on what kind of OCD disorder you might have: Aries - Violent Intrusive Thinking. In my estimation they are least likely to get caught in the act or in the aftermath of a crime. Being possessive and constantly having to know where your partner is, is not a part of your game. Taurus (April 20–Could 20) Listed below are high 4 dumbest zodiac indicators, primarily based on what astrologers need to say. Some of them don't care about them that much and seem to have more important priorities in their lives, however, there are also those who can even sacrifice their personal life and family just to have. Zodiac Signs Compatibility The Darkest Side of Each Zodiac Sign. Here's how the earth sign matches with each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Posted on March 26, 2022 by March 26, 2022. 2 Aquarius: Otaku Aquarians and Otaku characters both love the strange and uncanny, often to an obsessive-like degree. When they become obsessed with. Sleep Behavior and the Signs: Your Sleep Horoscope. Scorpios are the Zodiac's most obsessive sign. These signs can easily get into a vicious cycle in which the direct approach of Aries drives Cancer into a self-protective shell, which tends to infuriate Aries, driving Cancer further deeper into. The final sign in the zodiac, Pisces is the most likely to be a serial killer. You are often there, seemingly out of place, a little distant, almost sulky. Cancer realize themselves well overall and are well in contact with their feelings. Gemini prefers to interfere in other people’s affairs, gossip, spread rumors, and play with fire. You are stable and persistent, which is a plus if you want to build a fine career and make a lot of money. She’s trying to eliminate you from her life because, quite frankly, there’s no purpose for you in it. They are difficult to understand as their duality of nature makes them bearers of constantly conflicting emotions. Each of the 12 zodiac signs has its own unique qualities. Dirty Little Secrets Each Zodiac Sign Is Trying To Hide (His. Top 5 most aggressive signs. And when it comes to their temper, there's no holding them back. which zodiac sign lies the most. "This is also the sign of the zodiac that can be the most competitive, as it likes to be first. Have you ever had destructive thoughts? The zodiac signs at the top of this list certainly have! 1. Scorpio is an intense and passionate sign, and the one thing about this sign that people don't realize is that Scorpio is highly creative. Touch device users, explore by touch or. Triplicities refer to the four zodiac sign elements, of which there are three zodiac signs in each group: Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), . However, you may be forgetting that we're talking about one of the most obsessive zodiac signs there is. Scorpios are devoted and loyal once they have found love. When the characters' traits and views are analyzed through the 12 zodiac signs, it's easy for viewers to spot parallels with most of the characters. Nobody likes to feel the shadow of mistrust lurking in their relationship, much less in the case of those who may. When "You're So Vain" comes on the radio, Leo thinks that song is about. And suddenly, without being expected, you drop a hurtful, humiliating remark and end up making yourself look like the victim. True to form, my Pisces man suggested we . These obsessions and distressing feelings. Read Top 5 Most Obsessive Signs from the story Zodiac Signs by _Crimson14_ (フリシヤ) with 2,521 reads. Here are the 5 most protective zodiac signs in the astrology chart: 1. Scorpios tend to mate for life and can be wonderfully devoted (if a little obsessive) lovers. Capricorn has been voted the worst zodiac sign. Scorpios are incredibly obsessive, compulsive, and jealous people, to name a few negative characteristics. Dec 4, 2012 - Top 5 Most Obsessive Zodiac Signs - Capricorn. This sign is based on the Earth element and is ruled by Mercury. Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios probably have one of the worst reputations, and here is one reason why: Scorpios are very prone to . Capricorns fit this description well, as even someone of this zodiac sign who doesn't wear glasses may have a glint in their eye when they have a great idea. This is Taurus’ great secret obsession: to give in to pleasures and surrender to lust. Taurus - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder People born under the sign of Taurus are known to be very kind, generous, and down-to-earth. They are so passionate, territorial, and protective that it's almost impossible for them not . " This sensitivity comes at a cost, however, and "Pisces can easily. Zodiac Signs With Addictive Personalities/ Addiction For Each Zodiac Sign: Aries’s addictions (Sun Sign: 21 st March to 19 th April): Possible additions of Cocaine, smoking, drinking. 10 Reasons Virgo is the Worst Zodiac Sign. Tag: most obsessive zodiac sign. A journey through the Zodiac "circle of animals," the myths, the constellations, and the related associations and personality traits. On the other hand, they are also dark, vengeful, obsessive, and controlling. As the zodiac's most sensitive sign, you are a born nurturer and drawn to things that inspire your imagination. Virgo is the 6th Zodiac sign of the 12. The 6 Most Obsessive-Compulsive Zodiac Signs 1. People with this zodiac sign tend to hate injustice and will do anything for their friends. Since Scorpio is the zodiac's most deeply feeling sign, he needs. Scorpio men are obsessive, self-assured, intense, erotic, and fiercely competitive. Even better, you’d handcuff yourself. Usually, a zodiac sign refers to the sign the Sun was in when you were born. For most girls, he's just not the vibe, which is why we ranked him a five. PISCES (February 19 - March 20) · 2. Below, you'll find the three signs most likely to be attracted to you, based on your zodiac sign. It’s not a secret: Taurus loves nice things. Some zodiac signs are compatible, and some are not. You'd wrap your arms around your lover forever if you could. The 4 Most Jealous Signs of the Zodiac: Gemini, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn. Leos get skewered for being self-centered, Scorpios are thought of as obsessive and intimidating as hell, and even Libras get ripped for their airy wishy-washiness. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18). sagittarius, pisces, zodiacsigns. Astrology How unique is your sign? When you think through the zodiac signs of all the people you know, are there a few signs that show up pretty sparsely on your lis. One of the few non-animal symbols of the zodiac, the mutable fire sign Sagittarius is represented by the archer. anything 2 BFFS would talk about anyway (astrology, girl chats, relationships, . faith in their zodiac sign - be that for the positive or negative you love most, even if you would ideally like to avoid the topic. As one of the most insecure zodiac signs, Cancer requires continual reassurance and support in relationships. Their possessiveness stems from their undying need to have a stable and secure life. Ruled by Budha (Mercury), the causative planets of Gemini are Chandrama (Moon), Mercury, and Shukra (Venus). What Zodiac Sign Do Scorpios Attract?. They are the last people to take anybody's nonsense, and if they do not get the respect they deserve, they simply leave. Only William Howard Taft was born under that sign. When they sense any sort of issues. It could be alcohol, drugs, smoking etc. Thus, astrologers' observations have shown that these representatives of the zodiacal circle have earned the title of the most successful Sign. I'm only 15 but I know that my new boyfriend is the one for me I love him with all my stinking heart but the other day when I was eating my chicken parm in the cafeteria he didn't even look my way. They have the potential to become obsessive. Scorpios are also known for being obsessive – they find it hard to get rid of their past feelings and bonds. We like the way the zodiac signs predict our near future and talks about our relationships. The bull-headed sign is well-known to be a little dominating and territorial by nature. You work hard, but solely for one reason - to make as much money as possible. Scorpio is the zodiac’s most sensual sign. This sign is characterized by an almost obsessive curiosity, a love for travel and new experiences, and a loud, outgoing personality. Of all their inclinations, their preference for lust is the most unspeakable (and also the least unstoppable). The Worst To Best Zodiac Signs Ranked If astrology influences part of our personality, we might as well know if we are among the best or worst signs of the zodiac. Think Twice Before Trusting The 4 Most Dangerous Zodiac. " And ICYMI, Aries signs are pretty freakin' amazing at starting things, like projects and goals. These folks tend to lack boundaries, and often. Most are fixed signs, but cardinal Capricorn gets an added boost because of the Saturn energy. Most Obsessive Zodiac Sign According To Astrology Taurus:. When they are in a relationship with you, instead of being envious of your actions, they stand up and root for it. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Read Zodiac Signs - Most To Least Sensitive from the story Zodiac Signs by unicornpig (hewwo) with 12,105 reads. This rigid behavior often leads to Obsessive-compulsive disorder also known as OCD. Fires often attract Earths to stabilize and center . Five Minutes Free Psychic Reading. READ MORE: Top 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Disorganized. Virgo – Perfectionism & detail oriented If you are a Virgo, we have good news for you. For me, they are the most understanding sun sign. Ruled by graceful Venus, it goes without saying Libras are the most balanced sign of the zodiac. But be forewarned: If you're a Gemini with an Aquarius hookup buddy or vice versa, you might catch feelings. “Taurus appreciates dependability and consistency in relationships, and Cancer is certainly a loyal and loving partner. They might as well sit and do the job on their own. the strongest is the Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Aquarius, Taurus, cancer, Leo, Gemini,Virgo,Sagittarius, libra and the least strongest is the pisces when considering the characteristics. Below, you’ll find the three signs most likely to be attracted to you, based on your zodiac sign. Most cancers (June 22-July 22) 2. This is a fire sign, just like Leo and Sagittarius. Aries Is Obsessed With Death ; 2. Deep inside, a Scorpio man feels lonely and unfulfilled, but will never let a woman know this. Especially Sun, Moon, and Mars. Scorpios can be obsessive and extremely protective about something or someone. It sometimes makes them prone to avoiding confrontation and feeling self-pity. Every Zodiac sign has certain traits that define them best. What the Scorpio zodiac sign can expect in love and friendships, career and money, and more—plus, their most compatible (and incompatible) . Scorpio begins the middle of Autumn, when the season is most “fixed” and established, lending to the deep, tenacious, and obsessive tendencies of Scorpio. They are passionate people who place a high value on intimacy. 19 and March 20, you are a Pisces, which is a water sign symbolized by two fish and the last constellation of the zodiac. Some signs can be addicted to an adrenaline rush, for others it's pigging out on junk food and for others it's splurging at the mall. She’s one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac and that might be just another reason why she’s plotting your death. The Most Obsessive Zodiac Signs In Astrology, Ranked From Most To Least 1. Top 5 zodiac signs for different things. At this point in time, 3 signs are the top contenders for "Most Presidents" — Pisces, Leo and Scorpio have 5 presidents each. Some of them don’t care about them that much and seem to have more important priorities in their lives, however, there are also those who can even sacrifice their personal life and family just to have. If there ever was a sign that knows how to get down to business, it's Capricorn. The most possessive sign of the Zodiac, both Scorpio men and women suffer from trust issues. The most secretive zodiac signs don't necessarily have bad intentions, they just like to keep things private. A business owner, totally materialistic, you were most probably a creature of comfort and pleasure. Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Aries are the least common zodiac signs. Zodiac Signs That Will Stalk YouПодробнее. Chief characteristics -energy, optimism, stubbornness, impatience. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) Scorpio employs an obsessive, possessive, all-or-nothing approach to love. 21) Known as the sex sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are ruled by their reproductive organs, so it's safe to say they're . There are both geniuses and scammers among the representatives of this zodiac sign. Scorpios are the Zodiac’s most obsessive sign. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Jupiter rules this fire sign and Sagittarius is represented by the archer. They wash a lot, and that's why they are unlikely to reek. It is an important one, however. This is probably one of the most awkward zodiac signs when it comes to love. Out of all the Zodiac signs, you are the most likely to implode a relationship. "Ever curious about others, [Gemini] will probe endlessly to find the most interesting person," Damron said, adding that because Gemini are on a . Virgos are some of the most obsessive people you’ll. Reminder: As far as I'm concerned, female Scorpios are goddesses 23 3 6 Lina212 Starter Joined Feb 4, 2016 Messages 171 Reactions 32121 Alleybux 12,090 Sep 25, 2018. Scorpio is the eighth sign of Astrology and is known for being obsessive, passionate, and sometimes a bit emotional too. At the point when they get obsessed on Cancer:. All About Scorpio, the Most Mysterious Sign of the Zodiac. Discover most obsessive placements 's popular videos. Sandwiched between two of the most likable zodiac signs, Libra and Sagittarius, Scorpio sticks out as a manipulative, power-hungry, and deceptive sign. Top 5 most likely to be easily obsessive. Creepy, obsessive habits of each zodiac sign · Aries. She's trying to eliminate you from her life because, quite frankly, there's no purpose for you in it. Gemini is the most annoying of all the zodiac signs. Aries the Ram (March 21 – April 19) Ruled by the planet Mars. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the cardinal fire sign, and Virgo are quincunx, or five signs apart, from one another, which makes for a bit of awkwardness. When they don’t feel secure in a relationship. Scorpions cannot afford to lose their loved ones. It's the same when you're in a relationship. May 13, 2017 - Explore Wurdalpoke's board "Most to least zodiac signs" on Pinterest. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22). Jealousy: when the fear of losing your partner obscures your vision of reality and something in your relationship changes. When it comes to a tongue-lashing from social media, no sign is safe. Taurus being a fixed Earth sign helps sensitive. We know who are the most hot tempered, we know who the most romantic lovers are and of course we also know who are stubborn and egoistic to the core! We keep reading about zodiac signs all the time. The zodiac signs most likely to have a personality disorder aren't the only ones that display traits or characteristics that can sometimes be indicative of a disorder and, of course, just because. #scorpioseason2020 #virgoscorpio #obsessivesignsWelcome Charmers! We're 2 besties who chat about anything 2 BFFS would talk about anyway (astrology, girl cha. The following shows the planets that rule each sign. Obsessive Compulsive personalities traits extend to all the astrological signs and surprisingly enough Venus is an indicator. Taurus and Cancer: “Taurus and Cancer are extremely compatible,” astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle. People born under this sign are most likely to abuse alcohol, antidepressants, and cigarettes. The Pisces female knows how to harness those energies and it can be dangerous if you’re on her bad side. Cancers are extremely relationship-oriented. Sep 28, 2021 · The Prettiest Zodiac Signs: List of Top 5 Most Beautiful Zodiac Signs. It's not a secret: Taurus loves nice things. Virgo’s are the “doers” of the astrological signs. The sun signs all have different ways to dealing with their feelings. Your empathy and compassion for others includes the environment, Pisces, and you. You have the destructive power of a nuclear bomb. See more ideas about zodiac signs, zodiac, pisces. Taurus, you are one of the most reliable zodiac signs; you stick with your Your friends may make fun of you for being a bit obsessive, . Here are the zodiac signs that have obsessive tendencies in their personalities: Scorpio . The 4 Elements Fire , Earth , Air and Water Each element correspond to a part of our lives, depending on your sign the element will influence more in your personality Fire - Action Earth - Base, structure Air - Thoughts, comunication Water - Feelings. So why not look to our astrological signs for some insight into our Possibly the most notorious for insomnia, Geminis are the sign of . Gemini prefers to interfere in other people's affairs, gossip, spread rumors, and play with fire. Biggest Addiction Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed. While Scorpio is perhaps the most intense and emotional sign of the zodiac, they can also be jealous, obsessive, and paranoid, so the whole idea of. If they DO become addicted, their innate stubbornness can make it that much harder for them to stop. They are also known to be finicky. I do believe the most hated sign is the libra and most loved the Sagittarius. This typically manifests as the sort of obsessive nature that becomes Jenny's downfall. The scorpio is extremely territorial and this is because they have obsessive tendencies – they are passionate about not only people but things . Sagittarius You live an easy and relaxed life. Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20) The bull. If some of these characteristics be excessive, it may result with a mental disorder. When they don’t feel secure in a relationship, they. As the narrator of the show, Rue is analytical, sarcastic, funny. The most dangerous zodiac signs, ranked from least to most · 12. Born between December 22 and January 16, Capricorns are gifted . But what we're going to do differently is rank them according to how "easy to deal with" they are, and then count down to the most difficult sign to crack. Here is a list of the 7 most compatible astrological signs: 1. Aries the Ram (March 21 - April 19) Ruled by the planet Mars. I have seen doctors, lawyers, teachers and many other professionals they also feel trapped when they discover that they are in addition of something. Aries, Capricorn and Leo can be some of the most protective men in the zodiac from what I've seen with women that I know of that were in. It may be our sign or about someone who is close to us. Scorpio begins the middle of Autumn, when the season is most "fixed" and established, lending to the deep, tenacious, and obsessive tendencies of Scorpio. The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Die Alone Admin 16th November 2017 The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Die Alone 2017-11-16T23:23:15-08:00 Zodiac Unless they can find someone perfectly suited for them, these five zodiac signs will probably end up alone in life, based on some of the undesirable characteristics they have. We love how upbeat and energetic Aries tend to be. If a Scorpio is in the mood to shop, there's no dappling or being cheap. most obsessive zodiac sign Archives. You’d wrap your arms around your lover forever if you could. But one thing to note is that these traits aren't a daily occurrence for most people. September 14, 2001 marks Rue's birthday, making her a Virgo (ironically, Zendaya who plays Rue on the show is a Virgo, too). He's creative and is full of imagination, so you might catch him at a Starbucks writing away, or painting a mural on a New York City street, and at first glance, he seems like a total catch, but throw this water sign back in the sea. What are the zodiac signs that cause obsession in individuals?. 10 Negative Traits Of Zodiac Signs. Diplomatic, charming, and social, Libra is one of the most versatile signs of the zodiac. Your partner has nothing to worry about. Aries - Bryce Husser An Aries is ever confident, resilient, passionate, and courageous. Libras are loved by many and for a good reason. Some of them even have to learn how to forget about the past and move on! These people are secretive and vindictive, too, so they’re the most dangerous enemies of the zodiac. If they feel neglected, they’ll begin testing their partner to see how much they. First is Scorpio and top in its ranking of dangerous zodiac sign. Unlike other zodiac signs, Taurus knows how to hide his obsessions very well and it is difficult to guess which odd habits haunt this sign. The fire signs are very intuitive and rely heavily on an element of luck which seems to be always with them. Watch popular content from the following creators: Astrology with Taryn ☾(@tarynleighbond), rita(@ritamcdias), lina 🧿(@astrolinaaa), astrology tips by sean(@wateryaquarius), astrology(@characterssigns). Here's what each of the signs are hopelessly addicted to. If they face any competition in their love life, their emotions would spiral downwards. Taurus born individuals are obstinate and have a determined methodology. It's practically hard for them to be anything other than passionate, territorial, and protective. As a Taurus, you tend to let your passions get the best of you and you become overly obsessive in a relationship to the point of suffocation for your partner. Now let’s get into the 10 undeniable negative traits of each zodiac sign. Horoscope Today, March 24, 2022: Check the predictions for all. When they don't feel secure in a relationship, they. When they become obsessed with something or someone, it entirely consumes their thoughts; they want to live, breathe, and eat whatever it is that they have been so enamored with. Taurus Taurus is the most possessive partner The Taurus personality likes stability and assurance in their life, and the same goes for their relationships. Leo – Radiates with Confidence Leo ‘s fiery nature is why those with this sign want to be in the spotlight and want to show off what they have. This chakra is orange in color, and it is in the pelvic bone. The most emotional zodiac signs are the slowest to fall in love for a very simple reason. I knew zodiac signs were reel lyfe. It’s practically hard for them to be anything other than passionate, territorial, and protective. These two signs are also the zodiac's most notorious chatterboxes. Chief characteristics –energy, optimism, stubbornness, impatience. Scorpioseven if they don't like yo ass they want you all to themselves. Taurus Taurens crave a stable and secure relationship. They become dependent on it and are not the ones to surrender effectively or let it go. Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios probably have one of the worst reputations, and here is one reason why: Scorpios are very prone to obsessions. Scorpio (October 23- November 21). Aries are the most impatient; they make hasty. Taurus: They Want To Bring You Comfort If you've ever been in a relationship with a Taurus, whether it be personally or professionally, then you know they can be the most loving and loyal human beings you'll ever meet. They enjoy gossiping about others and always want to be the talk of the town. Despite the fact that water signs dominated the list, with 46 victims per sign, the serial killers with the most victims overall were Capricorn . 4K 50 by _Crimson14_ Scorpio Capricorn Taurus Cancer Virgo Where stories live. #2: Capricorn — Capricorns rarely stink up the room because they're ultimately concerned with status and where they fit into the world. Do celestial objects have a bearing on your personality? Let's see what the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac have to say about you. Aries (March 21 - April 19) Aries is the sign of war, battle, killing and of course, all these aspects entail being violent. Find out which zodiac signs find it difficult to decide to let love into their hearts. Aries (March 21 – April 19) Aries is the sign of war, battle, killing and of course, all these aspects entail being violent. Each Star Sign Ranked From Least to Most Compatible. You destroy not only yourself, but also anyone who is within the nearby vicinities. Chifuyu Matsuno is a very truthful guy who is willing to do anything for the sake of his friends. Scorpio is very much ruled by the sacral chakra, the sexual energy center of the body as well as the part of the body that rules our subconscious emotions. So, it only stands to show that Aries is more than likely the most physically abusive among the zodiac signs. Virgo - Perfectionism & detail oriented If you are a Virgo, we have good news for you. How you act when you're in love, based on your zodiac sign. Here are the zodiac signs that have obsessive tendencies in their personalities: Scorpio Taurus Cancer Pisces Let us take a look at them one by one! Scorpio - Who Do They Obsess About? Once you come under the eyes of a scorpion beware; they will not let you get out of their sight so easily and you will literally become theirs. Great God Almighty, you are one possessive girl! You cling to your lover with the ferocity of a barnacle holding onto a rusty battleship. Negative Traits Of Gemini (22 May - 21 June) 10 Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed i.