phone speaker volume suddenly low. About Phone Volume Low Speaker Suddenly. For a low sound or no sound issue. The speaker works fine for phone calls or if I use the headphones, but when I'm trying to - 1154052. iPhone Too Quiet? Here's How to Turn it Up. · Clear the lint out of your headphone jack. · I've cleaned out the speaker and headphone jack. From past few days, the call volume has gone too low. Part 2: Fix iPhone Low Volume Due to Software Glitches. 9 Ways to Improve Your Android Phone's Sound and Volume. Follow these steps to try to resolve this issue. How to fix iPhone speaker low sound. Ask Your Question Fast! May 29, 2015 · The only issue albeit a huge issue is when I call out on speaker phone I get a really low call volume I can barely even hear. Speakerphone calls were simply impossible to handle. 3- Perform Interactive checks through Samsung Members app (Samsung Member > Get Help > Interactive checks > speaker). It a inconvenience at times but i . Clean Android's speakers and jacks. Problem: On iPhone, low ear-speaker/ earpiece volume during phone call even when volume is set to maximum. The first thing you should do is to check if nothing is blocking the microphone or the speaker. iPhone 7,7Plus speaker greyed out and sometimes works with crackling sound and no voice. More often, this type of issue is happening if the audio settings have been misconfigured by the user and he or she could no longer bring it back. The fifth tip to fix iPhone speaker volume low during calls is to use speaker mode while making or receiving calls. Tip 7: Try Using Speaker Mode. Solution 3: Clean the Speakers of your iPhone. Check if the connected device is playing back a music file. Inspect the speakers closely to ensure they're not being clogged by dirt, dust or food particles -- all of which can lower the iPhone volume . Can't hear phone calls, media or ringtones or alarms. The solution you mention worked perfectly for me. Fix for the low speaker volume issue. Answer (1 of 6): Do you have a case on the phone? I ask this because it could be that the case is applying pressure to the volume rocker on the phone causing the volume to go up and down occasionally. Turn The Speaker Volume All The Way Up. In the Vue app, change Swipe to control "Volume Up/Down". this problem has only started today for no reason. Android Note that on Android, there are separate volume controls for music and calls. com/mj1111983Website : http://www. I had the same problem and that simple thing fixed it immediately!. In this case, you are unable to hear anything from the phone unless you plug in the headphones. Phone Speaker Volume Suddenly Low Your phone is set to a low volume or muted. I have tried restarting my phone and it's still the same. It is another of the most common reasons. If you have, your Android phone is probably stuck in the headphone mode. Disable Phone Noise Cancellation. Sometimes it may be that the speaker of our mobile phone does not have enough power, but if it used to shield itself with power and suddenly has stopped, it is clear that we will have a problem. If the volume on your iPhone is low, it may sound like the speakers are muffled when you receive a phone call or notification. Otherwise, the buttons control the volume for the ringer, alerts, and other sound effects. Solution 3: Toggle On/Off Bluetooth. Adjust volume from settings to circumvent a broken volume rocker. There can be a number of reasons behind the speaker on your iPhone suddenly not working at all or its volume output being lower than usual. Turn off Phone Noise Cancellation. You are not connected to any Bluetooth device. Go to Settings on your iPhone and then tap on the General Tab, then under the wide option tap on Accessibility. Follow the onscreen instructions to start diagnosing . Solution #1: From the main menu, go to New Feature and tap on Event History Timeline to turn it off. Disconnect your headset/earphones. Best Tricks To Make Your Phone's Speaker Sound Louder. You can deal with this issue by several small tips: - Turn up the volume: Press the Volume Up button of your Android phone to increase the volume and let it exit the mute mode. Why does the volume of my phone keep going completely down. But, be careful about the flow of the compressed By default, WhatsApp routes the sound to your headphones when connected during a video call. You have the solution and the facts, so sell the phone and go cry somewhere else troll. The sound from the speakers is too low or quiet, or noise is audible Check whether the headset icon is displayed on your phone If the headset icon is displayed on your phone when no headset is connected, your phone will play no sound in speaker mode. IMPORTANT: If model-specific information is needed to complete any of these steps, refer to the. Simply follow these steps to get your volume back. Your phone’s speaker is clean, and no foreign object is blocking the sound passage. I had gotten melted chocolate on my phone and wiped it with a cleaning wipe, suddenly my ear speaker was at such a low volume it was almost impossible to hear. By mistake, the voice settings of the phone may have made the default volume very low. Hold down the Side Button until the phone reboots into recovery mode. This is to skip the European regulations that restrict the full power of our speaker, something that occurs in Xiaomi and other brands. If you are suddenly noticing Low Call Volume or Speaker Volume Problem in iPhone, here is a simple Fix. 5 and did hard reset after each upgrade. Here are some solutions that can help you if your iPhone 8 call volume too low. Open the app called Device Help (it's automatically installed on Moto 4x phones) Select the Fix tab. fone – Repair (iOS) Tip 4: Enable Phone Noise Cancellation. Tip 1: Turn up the iPhone Call Volume. In such a situation, turn the volume on and then give it a try. Shutter volume is tied to media volume. How to Improve Android Phone Volume To make sure the volume on your phone is working properly: Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode. Troubleshooting for Low Call Volume & Speaker Volume on iPhone 11 (Pro Max) Earpiece quiet Speaker muffled issues · Solution 1: Increase Call Sound During Call . A lot of people have been complaining all over the internet with the in-call volume getting low or too quiet and not being able to fix it. 4] Speaker Settings: Go to your phone's settings and check if someone has tampered with the settings of the speaker (voice settings). Maybe some of your songs are naturally low-volume, and that’s what is causing the low volume problem. Go to Settings>Apps>Click on the three dots at the top right corner>Show system Apps>Speaker detector>Storage> Clear Cache/Data. Follow the onscreen instructions to start diagnosing any issues with the device's audio. If your audio isn't muted and you still can't . Take out any dirt that might be interfering with the sound volume of your iPhone device. Why does my speaker sound so low? Causes of Problems With Android Phone Volume Your phone is tethered via Bluetooth to another device that plays sound. By and large, low sound coming from your iPhone speaker is the result of faulty app settings. This has not always been this case, only since the Oreo update. How do I stop FaceTime from lowering volume iPhone?. I tried speaker phone today and that allowed me to hold it like a normal phone and hear it, but it couldn't be used as a speaker phone any more. I test and sell phones for a living and have TESTED the DB value of both on full volume with the Mate set on Movie mode. Yesterday, my D4 started to be way quieter than it used to be. Restarted the unit multiple times. Galaxy Note10+ volume is low fix #2: Identify and troubleshoot app with low volume. You'll have all of your guests impressed with this high-class party on a budget. If the volume coming through your portable player sounds too low when external speakers are connected, there may be a setting that needs to be adjusted, or the speakers may not be connected correctly. Hi, tonight I've noticed that the speaker volume on my iphone 4 has gone very low, even though the volume is on full, it's been working fine up until today for some reason, keyboard clicks, ipod, ringer, youtube etc all very quiet. For the past few months, a log of Samsung Galaxy A50 users was complaining about audio problems wherein, according to them, the volume of their phone suddenly became too low without apparent reason. And then you can have your speaker cleaned. You can use it to play music, set alarms, or ask for any kind of information just by giving it the dedicated voice command. In written dialogue, if a speaker suddenly or abruptly stops speaking, hesitates in speech, or is cut off by another speaker, a dash can indicate the pause or interruption. volume is ok with bluetooth handsfree and loud speaker and only has issue with earpiece. Solution #2: If the volume is still not restored, you’ll need to grease your elbow just a little. When your phone’s speaker is not working, it could either be a hardware or a software issue. Right now managing by turning on speaker. Enabled 'Phone Noise Cancellation' feature can lead to iPhone call volume. Fix #2: Turn off Your iPhone’s Noise Cancellation Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone device. To resolve this, please try the following: 1. Almost zero volume when I am outside. Attempt pressing 2 inches above the speaker: Attempt firmly pressing around 2 inches above the speaker of the Samsung Galaxy S9. I noticed that all of the sounds were coming out of the earpiece and not the speaker. Make sure mono audio and equalizer settings are . Settings > Sounds and vibrations > change the mode to sound and Increase volume to maximum. You might have accidentally toggled the volume rocker while on another call ; it’s possible there is an obstruction preventing you from hearing the other caller well, or you could have a software or hardware problem. Question: Q: Apple iPhone speaker volume too low when calling. Effective Method For Fixing Low Call Volume On Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Instead of taking it to the Mac store, I used one of my camera's lens cleaning brush (NIKKON LENS PEN is $5 dollars at Amazon) and in less than 1. Many users who report low sound even at maximum volume have been able to solve their problem using this method. Solution 1: Adjust Call Volume To Solve iPhone Call Volume Low. 8 Tips to Fix iPhone Call Volume Low. Some users said that when they were using Bluetooth, notifications would be loud on their handset but sound volume was . phone speaker volume extremely low even with volume up to maximum. If your phone speaker volume remains low even after turning the volume to the highest, your phone speaker may be clogged. Solved Samsung Galaxy S8 Call Volume Is Low. First rub with damp cloth and with a dry cloth hard. You can make use of the cotton buds or a toothpick with cotton. Ways To Fix Low Volume During Call On Samsung Galaxy. Using Equalizer to make speaker sound louder · 3. If the sound from the speaker is still low or inaudible, open the Support app and select Troubleshooting. Switch off the phone and reboot it again. After increasing all volumes to max and still low hearing then Clean the small slot on the face of the phone at the top. I started sucking in on the speaker but not enough cause thought it was silly, so didn't work. Just besides the selfie camera. How to Fix Low Volume Issue in Android Phone & Tablet. You can now make calls and find out if iPhone speaker volume too low issue is resolved. About Phone Low Speaker Volume Suddenly. In other words, the volume has not disappeared but its volume is excessively low. [2022] 8 Solutions to Fix iPhone Call Volume Low Problem Method 1. This should reset your volume settings for Bluetooth. Hope this helps! Was this answer helpful? Yes No Score 6 Add a comment Mark Waterfield. Continue to hold the Volume down key until the device finishes restarting. I then stumbled upon this site, and Ian thank you so much for the tip, it worked!! I sucked. Once here, click on "Hearing aids" Turn on Hearing Aids. If the connected device has functions or modes, set them to the appropriate ones. Very quiet sound from uper speaker. Solved: Galaxy S8 call volume very low. I do not use headphones so I have no data for that. The sound from the speakers is too low or quiet, or noise is. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details. The iPhone call volume will soon get very low if excessive dust accumulate on the speaker slot. Make Speaker Sound Louder on Android Phone · 1. 8 inch Super AMOLED display that occupies most of the front. never loud enough, and many times the audio quality is just as low. I have an iPhone 6 and speaker volume was painfully low (I even thought I was getting deaf). Before we start the tips below, ensure that you have turned up the volume to the maximum. If not, you can go back and turn on the feature and try out the other solutions. after updating this version my phone speaker volume is too low when we call and talking. i bought new iphone 6s 64GB in last week and observed that earpiece volume is quite low. The volume isn’t on silent mode and is not muted. The earpiece volume is a tad low, but the phone speakers are about as loud as they come. If your phone's volume is still too low after ruling out the above issues, there are sound boosters and equalizer apps you can try to improve your device's sound performance. You might have accidentally toggled the volume rocker while on another call ; it's possible there is an obstruction preventing you from hearing the other caller well, or you could have a software or hardware problem. · Check if the connected device is playing back a . Why is the video sound low while I am talking on the phone?. Adjust the orientation of your smartphone · 2. Step 4: And from there, navigate to the Phone Noise Cancellation option. Use Speaker Mode The fifth tip to fix iPhone speaker volume low during calls is to use speaker mode while making or receiving calls. This is because iphone speakers are located at the bottom of the device. Learn where your top speaker is located. However, at times, even this feels inadequate. There could be a variety of reasons your iPhone in-call volume is suddenly low. If Galaxy Note10+ volume appears low only when using a particular app, that can be an app issue or bug. On iOS, due to a bug with Bluetooth, the volume may be "locked" at a lower volume than normal, such that even at max . nothing improved on my earpiece volume and quality. Hi there, Please perform the following steps to resolve the issue: 1-Check the mode. Sometimes, the iPhone low call volume problem is caused by the dust jammed in the speakers. Normally, users of iPhone 7, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPh. If you are facing iPhone headphones volume low suddenly, it is generally due to an issue with Bluetooth connectivity. You may have accidentally muted your phone or had the volume too low. It’s a very handy gadget to have in your home. Volume is set to max but it is not as it used to be. You can also use compressed air to wipe the microphone and the speaker because its possible that dust or debris that might have accumulated there. This feature was added in 2014. While rare, it is entirely possible that your iPhone’s speaker stops working one fine day. How to Fix the Audio Volume Dropping Suddenly on Android Auto. Here are the steps to get rid of this Bluetooth issue that might make your headphones as well as phone speaker volume suddenly low iPhone. Sometimes, just a basic thing turns out to be helpful rather than going into the technical details to fix an issue. She was in the garden and my friend and I were in the living room and suddenly we heard a noise upstairs. Step 2: From Settings, go ahead and tap on General. Normally the speakers just have something blocking them if they sound low. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to bring up the Control Center. I've tried a full restore and still the same, anyone else had. Low Call Volume On Iphone 8 Iphone 8 Plus Sound Problem Heres Fix Iphone 8 Plus Iphone Iphone 8. A few individuals claim that this method resolved the call volume too low issue that they have been having. The main reason for your smartphone's speaker volume going low is because there is a cloud of dust built up in the grill. Improve your phone's sound: Headphone volume booster apps and. Dust and fiber stuck in speakers or audio jacks muffle . Update will download the latest version of the operating system, Restore. Tip 3: Troubleshot any iOS System Issue with dr. There are two methods to resolve this: 1. Even if you increase the volume to the highest it comes very very low. We'll go over different government programs available and tips for saving and getting out of debt. Meanwhile, a problem on the iPhone speaker that suddenly stops working or with no sound problems likely denotes hardware damage. @Sue78 wrote: Hi suddenly my call volume is very low and can hardly hear the other person. Sound Check is a useful feature. My sounds are fine but I dropped my phone couple months back and the sound from my earpiece is very low. Step 2: Check that your volume is turned up. Is your iPhone call volume low all of a sudden? Recently, I found that my iPhone calling volume is too low to hear what others are . If sucking does work, you can alway try a tooth brush or eyebrow brush to clean the small mesh that sits over most speakers. It meets the expectation of the users in every aspect. Different media types might produce different quality sound. Low Call Volume on iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus Earpiece quiet Speaker muffled My iPhone 8 call volume was low all of a sudden. Uninstall the Ring App from your phone. Check that both the connected device and the speaker are turned on and the volume is turned up. Check out some of the potential solutions in this article to try and get the speaker on your iPhone to work once. Low phone call volume, barley i can hear anything. If your speakers appear to be on and the volume is up, or use the Switch to Phone Audio option to listen via your phone's speaker. You can try to wipe the iPhone using a soft kids toothbrush without causing damage to the device. im pretty sure its just spotify as i used to use pandora and that played fine (that was maybe a month or two ago). Mi4i is a new stunning phone came to market in recent days however this phone has a strange problem. 2- Check the mentioned issue in safe mode. In such case, you can simply use a brush or toothpick to clean the speaker and take out any dirt form it. Safe mode will display in the bottom left. Thinking on sending the phone for warranty. iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 13 Posted on Apr 26, 2020 11:45 AM. I cannot hear a sound via Earpiece. Is Your iPhone Volume Way Too Low? How to Fix It. Search: Phone Speaker Volume Suddenly Low. About Speaker Suddenly Phone Low Volume. Turn The Speaker Volume All The Way Up · Restart Your Samsung Galaxy · Make Sure Your Phone Isn't Connected To A Bluetooth Device · Remove The Case. Iphone 4 speaker volume gone low all of a sudden?. When I make a phone call, the call volume is way too low. Iphone 3g, iphone 4, iphone 5, iphone 6 (all variants). I can hardly hear the other person on-line. It's just normal cellular calls. i have updated the recent version 13. An app is running in the background that controls the overall volume. I also had this same annoying issue for a while, The volume is extremely low when calling people to the point where I have to put every call on loud speaker. Let us see how to fix low volume through the earpiece on the iPhone. Are you using any type of case or holster that may be interfering with the speaker? If you are experiencing low volume during a call, try to adjust the volume . external speaker barely audible with volume control up to max. If necessary, you can remove the iphone case and screen protectors and then check the iphone volume. The last step is disabling the Phone noise cancellation, and this will allow the phone to ignore all interruptions coming to your iPhone and, in effect, improve the call volume. If you’re looking for an affordable smart speaker that offers good quality volume, then Echo Dot is the perfect thing for you. It may seem too simple to work, but sometimes all you have to do is turn your speaker volume all the way up. Using the volume up button, you can set it to the maximum level. The Volume Up button is generally the top button on the left side. If the problem of Low Volume During Call On Samsung Galaxy starts after updating its firmware version, then the update may be the culprit. If you have previously listened to any video at a reduced volume level your shutter volume will also be at that reduced level. However, before blaming it, you should try the below steps: > Touch the Phone icon from the Home screen of your Galaxy to get the dialer. i am unable to hear calls properly. that will allow you to fix the issue with your headphone volume being too low, . How to Improve Android Phone Volume · Turn off Bluetooth. To improve sound quality and Increase Speaker Volume to Double in Any Smartphone you need to maximize the volume from your phone settings or . just started this problem a few days ago. Is this a common problem with iPhone-7? Is there any solution? Please help. Volume during regular phone call way too low — Nokia phones. This is because there is a tendency that the reason why you have an iPhone volume low is that something is blocking the sounds coming out of your iPhone. Low Volume on the Speaker for media Galaxy S20. Infinix Mobile Low Volume Problem || Phone Speaker Volume Suddenly Low Android [Fixed] bitubyhow. Turn it off now by sliding the toggle switch. Mi4i mobile speaker volume decreases in Misc. In order to protect users from potential hearing damage, Android's limit on max volume is quite low for Bluetooth audio devices. Tip 5: Clean the Speakers of your iPhone. Update your device and do a reboot. Finally, some Galaxy Note 9 users are also complaining about low sound - especially when compared to last year's Note 8 - while the phone rings or a notification is received. During calls, if the volume of the iPhone's earpiece is low, then it makes it very hard to hear. Step 3: And from that page, go ahead and choose Accessibility. That said, music plays normally, both over Bluetooth and over its internal speaker. If you've recently updated your phone to the latest system of iOS 13, 12, 11, etc. Devices: iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 (all variants). It may be strange to notice your phone's speakers working loud and clear for If your Pixel call volume became too low suddenly, . If your cell phone ever takes an unintended dunk in the swimming pool, there are a few things you should do immediately (and avoid) to lower . Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/ Visual then toggle Noise Cancellation off if it's already on. To turn up the volume on your iPhone, unlock it and hold the top volume button on the left side of your iPhone until the volume is all the way up. com/MeMJTubeFollow on twitter: https://twitter. To increase the volume on your Android phone, you can use hardware keys, which are the buttons on the side of the device. Afterwards, I tried playing music using Google Music, and the volume worked properly again. Mobile speakers aren't especially loud. Why does the sound from Speaker get low?. you are or your phone's speaker is dirty. But now, the handset is claimed to have a . The iPhone is a good example, the default Bluetooth volume is much too low. The fifth tip to fix iphone speaker volume low during calls is to use speaker mode while making or receiving calls. But be careful! do not apply too much pressure as this may damage the speaker even more. I guess it's a software issue, not a hardware issue. · Brush the dust off your external speakers. Hi, i have problem with volume during classic phone conversetion. Imagine a situation whereby you are talking hands-free over the phone, and suddenly, your phone's speaker goes mute. When enabled, your iPhone will automatically detect if a track naturally has low volume levels: if yes, it will dynamically adjust and compensate for the low volume. Step 1: Go to Settings and tap on Bluetooth option. How to Fix the Audio Volume Dropping Suddenly on Android Auto Latest Android Auto update causing major sound issues Dec 4, 2018 18:38 GMT · By Bogdan Popa · Comment ·. i did following adjustments but nothing worked for me. Is Your iPhone Volume Low on Call? Here is How to Fix it!. Check your audio software for these settings: Loudness Equalization and Speaker fill and play around with them. The speaker in a phone plays the sum of the left and right channels. A second possibility may be related to poor production of the content itself. Solution 2: Force Restart iPhone. Clean your speaker with a wet toothbrush and wipe clean and dry with a towel. So you can regularly clean up your iPhone speaker holes to increase the call volume. For the past few months, a log of Samsung Galaxy A3 users were complaining about audio problems wherein, according to them, the volume of their phone suddenly became too low without apparent reason. 5] Water Insertion? Let It Dry. Caused After: Sometimes after iOS upgrade or when something falls into the ear-phone cavity. Go to your phone's settings · Tap Sounds · Tap Volumes · Drag all sliders to the right · Go to Recent Apps and open the Canary app. · I've blown compressed air at the problem spots. I checked all settings but nothing is helpful so please help as i am highly annoyed with poor performance of phone. Attempt force reboot the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone: · Attempt pressing 2 inches above the speaker: · Attempt turning on 'Prevent USB audio routing': · Attempt . For volume, drag the slider down to the bottom, then back up to max. If you are on iOS 10 slide up from the bottom of you home screen and adjust the slider volume to the right to restore the shutter volume to its loudest level. Increase Android Speaker Sound Volume Facebook Page : https://www. If the volume is loud enough making you able to hear everything clearly, then there may be a software glitch in your device. Also on the subject of updates, tell that to my S9+ on November security patch without one ui. When you’re on the phone or listening to songs, movies, or other media on iPhone, you can use the buttons on the side of your device to adjust the audio volume. Connect your iPhone X to your computer. The speakers or headphones have hardware problems. This temporarily opens a popup expandable sound menu. Tip 2: Do a Force Restart on iPhone. From the table settings to a signature drink, these 30 ideas can help you host a wallet-friendly dinner party that looks extra-fancy. Press the volume up or down buttons to and you will see a volume slider appear on the screen with a phone . Step 2: Turn it on if it is not already and remove all the preset connections. My friend suggested me to try some solutions to fix this issue. Having Problems With The Volume Of Your Phone Calls? Try These. Open Settings and tap Sounds and vibrations -> Volume to find your sound settings. Answered! View the answer I have this problem too. Enable developer options on your phone, then select the option to enable Absolute Volume (or toggle off the Disable. If the sound from your phone is low volume, or there’s no sound at all, try the following steps: Step 1: When you make a call, check that your phone’s top speaker aligns with your ear. If you have a question about why is my iPhone volume so low, then cleaning your iPhone speakers can resolve the issue. This is something to do with the phone in call volume. Fixing The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Call Volume Too Low. M31s crackling loud speaker in Galaxy M 12-28-2021 M31 Prime Audio 2 Issues in Galaxy M 07-09-2021 Samsung m31 speaker sound goes so slow in Galaxy M 04-03-2021. Learn how to change your volume settings. If the audio components are working properly, restart your phone or change the audio source and check if the issue is resolved. You can also use Siri to turn the volume up or down. This will increase the speaker . Unlock the device and press the Volume Up button. Or, if it's turned off, you could try activating it and . You might have accidentally toggled the volume rocker while on another call; it's possible there is an obstruction preventing you from hearing the other caller well, or you could have a software or hardware problem. , the iPhone volume low problems could be likely due to the antiquated software sound settings that's don't match up with iOS system shipped volume bar level. Tip 6: Clean Your iPhone Speaker Slot. Go to Settings>Apps>Click on the three dots at the top right corner>Show system Apps>Phone (All three)>Storage> Clear Cache/Data. Setting Sound Check to Fix iPhone Volume Issue. The #Samsung #Galaxy #S8 is the first flagship phone of the South korean company that uses the Infinity Display. phone is barely a year old if that. But the speaker is fine, because when I place a call via an app, like a Whatsapp call, Telegram call or Skype call, the volume is fine. Bottom of the phone is media speaker. Then keep swiping forward until you reach max volume on the 2. For example, Podcasts, music stored locally on your phone, MP3s, streaming music services . Force restart: Quickly press the Up Volume button, quickly press the Volume Down Button, then quickly press and hold the Side Button. Sometimes, if the speakers are jammed with dust and other elements, it might cause your iphone call volume too low. All my volumes are set to max and it's still very quiet. Click on General and then Accessibility. Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume down key. my volume is low when I play over bluetooth, my friend tried on thier account with thier phone [iphone] on the same bluetooth speaker and it was louder than mine. I have an iPhone 7 which is 15 months old. Don't use water o any pointy object to clean iPhone as it might damage the device. IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Whether you're looking for the newest model or something used, there are numerous choices for where you can buy a Samsung phone. why when i play voice chat on whatsapp,my phone suddenly low volume/screen off ? - Xiaomi 11T Series - Xiaomi Community - Xiaomi. When laptop sound is low, thing can help is the following: ✔️Right click the speaker icon in the Taskbar and select 'Playback Devices'. When you plug-in the external mic and then remove it you may experience very low sound coming from the external speaker. This help content & information General Help Center experience. If the speaker is completely out, it may be time for a new one. Note: The solutions below also work to fix call volume low on iPhone 12 to iPhone 5. SOLUTION: How to fix Infinix mobile low volume problem 2021/Phone speaker volume suddenly low in Infinix Hot 11 S Android/How to increase volume in Infinix 1.