tumblr masterlists. For my One Year Anniversary Requests masterlist, go here. I have a list of characters I write for and some house rules if you want to request something. Woken up by what appears to be a pair of siblings, the little girl steals the bag Y/N seemingly need to assist in her escape. HAIKYUU MASTERLIST ! ¬ everything, fics, one shots, drabbles, series. If you would like your story added to this masterlist please fill in the submission form on PC or send your links via message. Masterlists Poe Dameron Din Djarin Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia Frankie ‘Catfish’ Morales 'Open Sans', Calibri,sans-serif 'Hind', Calibri,sans-serif. Marits masterlists Hi darlings!! Here are all the links to my masterlists. Powered by Tumblr Install this theme. Minors will not be allowed as I’m 22 and I do write smut. 2021 Current WIPs — Here Guidelines for Submissions — Here Oneshots None yet… Series — 546 Days Without You | ONGOING | boyfriend!Seokjin, older brother!Yoongi, producer/songwriter!MC, military au (ish), idol au (ish) | ☀️ ☄️ Kim Seokjin is your entire world, and that. “Maybe that is the reason why I fell for you, you are as dumb as me” (taken) 5. “Then I’m in your care, thank you. Basically, Creating a Masterlist = Organizing + Copying and Adding Links You can organize it however you want, and for copying the links, the link of those instructions is given at the top. I will be taking requests here but i won’t write them here, they will be on my AO3 account. 5k+ words: Tony knew it wasn’t supposed to last. I don’t know them in real life and all of my ideas are my own. Masterlist of Masterlists My Hero Academia. bakugou accepts your challenge, deciding to test if you’re just all bark and no bite. masterlists keanu reeves & his characters masterlistriccardo scamarcio & his characters masterlist tom hiddleston & his characters masterlist andrew hozier-byrne masterlist henry cavill & his. Golden Era Fred Weasley Theodore Nott. MasterLists Masterlists Below: AVENGERS MASTERLIST LINK SUPERNATURAL MASTERLIST LINK Game Of ThronesLink THE WALKING DEAD MASTERLISTLINK HARRY POTTER MASTERLISTLINK Merlin LINK Attack On. - © tranquilreign - all rights reserved | DO NOT STEAL, TAKE or COPY any of MY WORK without MY PERMISSION. Peaky Blinders Masterlist [ Thomas Shelby Masterlist] Dune (Paul Atreides) Masterlist. justauthoring — masterlist of masterlists 1. Every guest that appeared is mentioned on this list behind the according episodes while short guest appearances (like someone showing up shortly or being on a phone call) will only be mentioned in the post directly. polarstrawon: a gender related to old polaroid photos, picnics, strawberry cakes, and 70's fashion. Tumblr did an oopsy on the entire site so this had to be postponed until they fixed it. ) Trying to find all the Boruto RP Blogs out there! Can you please reblog this post if. in order to be included on this list you must include in the tags: canon or oc muse. thank you @twstlibrary for the idea ! ♡ ☆★ ・dearest apologies for being so inactive! i lost motivation to write + i've been dealing with school and other things, but i'll try my best to keep up. Masterlists Directory Pedro Pascal Character Masterlist. God knows you’ve been lacking that hormone for a while, he said. HxH masterlists ⇰ Main 4 + Alluka & Knuckle ⇰ Phantom troupe guy’s ⇰ Phantom troupe lady’s ⇰ misc :) Note— All of these works are mine and belong to @portormaid only found on tumblr. his heart is beating fast but yours. Key — ☀️ Fluff, Angst, 敖 Smut, ☄️ Favorite, Recent Requests Are — Closed Last Updated — 3. Marauders Era Remus Lupin Sirius Black Wolfstar x Reader Poly Marauders x Reader James Potter Marlene Mckinnon Lily Evans. escolhidos de forma aleatória por um site. Discover more posts about drabble, smut, reader insert, one shot, . that way y/n and xavier have to actually interact since they supposedly get killed that first night. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. because i post so much, i’m going to have to make multiple masterlists. Phew! Here’s the links to all of them. character centric fics crossovers disability/disorder/illness family/bonds feelings. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna See more posts like this on Tumblr. “I dare you to kiss me” ( taken: cc!Foolish) 4. hace 7 meses on Julio 28, 2021 at 5:21 pm. summary: y/n stuck in an arranged marriage because daniel ricciardo needed sponsors from her father’s company. Wilbur Soot & TommyInnit Minecraft YouTubers (Dream SMP) 1,456 Words Only Available on AO3. If I ever decide to add any others I’m going to have to completely redo the banner lol. character centric fics crossovers disability/disorder/illness family/bonds feelings guardians of the galaxy gender/sexuality holidays jobs/professions length location misc. Its wearing a gold headdress with an ostrich at the front. 5 / 6 / … !to be updated! “ Off The Wall master list ” 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 !complete!. albedo, xiao, kazuha, childe | fluff. Keanu Reeves/Characters Masterlist Cillian Murphy (Characters) Masterlist. the vampire diaries and the originals. worldwidehmoonchild liked this. To push down the constant asks of want to come over, want to do something. Masterlists Poe Dameron Din Djarin Santiago 'Pope' Garcia Frankie 'Catfish' Morales. Neon Crow Pen : Masterlists. haikyuu — karasuno — nekoma — seijoh — date tech — fukurodani — shiratoriwa — itachiyama — inarizaki — kamomedai. See a recent post on Tumblr from @hpfanfictioncatalogue about masterlists. ★ MASTERLISTS ★☆ Multi series: • Mirror, mirror on the wall… ☆ Dreamcatcher ☆ (G)I-DLE ☆ ITZY ☆ WJSN. gojo in your eyes ♡︎ realizing he loves you ♡︎ the prank you pull on them ♡︎ target runs ♡︎ why they cheat on you ♡︎ how they comfort you ♡︎ domestic jjk men ♡ you minus me ♡︎ how. Here you will find a collection of Dark Fics including some of our favourite Marvel Characters and characters associated with their actors. If you have no idea which wave of feminism we’re in right now, read this. Suddenly, he shows up in front of your door begging for a second chance at the love you once never wanted to end| -Angst, Fluff, Smut-. Their S/O Singing In The Car Loudly ( Vocal Unit ) Seeing Their S/O Cry. Waking up and seeing something that will change your relationship with Oscar. Pinned Post masterlist aot imagines aotimagines masterlist snk imagines shingeki no kyojin imagines attack on titan imagines snk headcanons . Never miss a post from make-me-imagine. so if you’re not happy with stark x F1 crossover, you can skip. Tumblr will not protect you if the giant mouse decides to come after you or if Netflix decides to make. a bit choppy towards the end because i couldn’t figure. Anonymous asked: Omg I was the one who submitted the shigaraki x little! reader thing and I have to thank you! I loved reading it thank you so so much<33333. All stories written on this blog are purely fan fiction and when I write about real people it is once again purely fiction. Seventeen Reacts To: Fall Cuddles. mainly dedicated to smaller fandoms (with some larger ones thrown in there) we're open to suggestions of fandoms to add, just shoot us an ask ! updated weekly (sometimes other times throughout the week, we try to get everyone added as quickly as possible) current masterlists (as. A supersoldier out of time, A genius, billionaire, playboy, phlanfrothist, An ex-assassin, A deadly archer, A litteral GOD, and a sientist with anger issues. The Masterlist Database is a collection of useful masterlists & masterposts. masterlists 8 notes Dec 16, 2021. It is also wearing a red, blue, and gold broad collar, a white dress with gold ends, and a see-through train. fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. Welcome to Witches' Collection - a blog dedicated to exploring witchcraft. Links to Character Masterlists dialogue masterlist. MASTERLISTS - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. when they get to the camp, they come like a week or so earlier. Archiveofourown: youvebeenlivingfictional Fake Dating. The November cold was enough to amplify already present shakes in your voice. ー Y/N THE FURRYYY 🤣🤣 [written parts!!] warning: usage of the word manwhore, swearingyou walked into the executive's office where he had called you to meet. With only the help of the older masked boy who goes by the name of Green, Y/N has one week to get out of the horrid. I write for free but please do like. mainly dedicated to smaller fandoms (with some larger ones thrown in there) we’re open to suggestions of fandoms to add, just shoot us an ask ! updated weekly (sometimes other times throughout the week, we try to get everyone added as quickly as possible) current masterlists (as. Masterlist of Masterlists. RICCARDO SCAMARCIO & HIS CHARACTERS MASTERLIST. Masterlist “ Looking for more? Check out BOOdalinski’s GIFs for gifs, imagines, and more. ) ” Headcanons Multiple Slashers • Being a Slasher’s S/O. (It’s pretty much a mini-version of BOOdalinski. Hi! We're a brand new Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic masterlist that's looking for members. masterlists masterlist grupos masculinos “encontrarás a:” “• astro • b. diabolik lovers — sakamaki — mukami. Masterlists - Critical RoleRed Vs BlueDetroit Become Human. darling-i-read-it, a blog on Tumblr. Masterlists • The Mother of All Masterlists • Beginner Masterlist #1 - What the Fluff is Witchcraft? • So, You Wanna Get Started with Divination?. Masterlists • The Mother of All Masterlists • Beginner Masterlist #1 - What the Fluff is Witchcraft? • So, You Wanna Get Started with Divination? witchescollection. If you make edits, or you write. Never miss a post from darling-i-read-it. Underneath the headdress it has a black with with gold ends. twenty six - i don’t deserve you. |Your first love shattered your heart to the point where you’re still hurting six years later. masterlists ↝ rules ↝ one piece masterlist ↝ shingeki no kyojin masterlist ↝ mob psycho 100 masterlist ↝ sk8 the infinity masterlist. Phew! Here's the links to all of them. 𐚱 💭 ᎓ MASTERLISTS !! ᠉ ☆ enhypen ☆ txt. Masterlist of a Chaotic Mind———————–. Do not repost nor claim as your own. Read before requesting | Send in requests Originally posted by silversunkiss = Dedicated posts (not stories) ♡ = Recently posted Taeil: ↳ Coffee Shop ↳ Boyfriend! Taeil ↳ Experience ↳ Husband! Taeil ↳ Jealousy ↳ Body Positivity Taeyong: ↳ Boyfriend! Taeyong ↳ Surprise ↳ Coincidence ↳ Secrets ↳ Best Friend! Taeyong ↳ Husband! Taeyong ↳ Teacher! Taeyong ↳ Body. Before you proceed, know that changing your URL will break any existing links to your blog that you've made (masterlists/masterposts, links in your . Also, I realized my mistake in my anime banner…. personality trait popular tropes relationship status ships themes time setting. You can find all the links to my work here, please do not copy or repost my work, I spend much time on this. it’s a sunday, the sun is shining through the windows as you’re laying in heeseung’s bed in the late afternoon. Next comic: [ A Glitch in the System] [Previous] [First] [Comic Master List] Reblogged 2 years ago from translucentchick. MASTERLISTS!! “haikyuu ” • requests are closed! “jujutsu kaisen ” • requests are closed! “my hero academia ” • requests are closed! “GENSHIN ⁉️ ” matchups are closed!! next event -> tbd. masterlists ᴀʟᴡᴀʏꜱ | ᴊᴀʏ ʜᴀʟꜱᴛᴇᴀᴅ ᴀʙꜱᴇɴᴛɪᴀ | ᴊᴀʏ ʜᴀʟꜱᴛᴇᴀᴅ ᴡᴇᴀᴋɴᴇꜱꜱ | ᴊᴀʏ ʜᴀʟꜱᴛᴇᴀᴅ. alternative universe angst fluff smut refresh. masterlists “masterlist (khh)” “tom holland masterlist” “drew starkey masterlist” notes “all my khh posts are under construction because i’m trying to change my writing style! they are still up, just. I am not responsible for your media consumption considering I put multiple. warning: i might wanna consider this as tony stark x F1/daniel ricciardo fanfiction because i’m using the infamous stark’s background as content. ) #anime roleplay #manga roleplay #anime rp #manga rp #cartoon rp #naruto rp #bnha rp #mha rp #boruto rp #noragami rp #miraculous ladybug rp. reader falls asleep with the boys’ merch. This list contains multi-chapter stories as well as one shots, broken up by character. Hi darlings!! Here are all the links to my masterlists. Based on the app Hotel of Mask, One Week finds Y/N, clueless and alone in a hotel. If you're a real human person still using the default tumblr avatar, consider changing it. #where dreamers go masterlist #Masterlist of Masterlists #Masterlist #where dreamers go #Star Wars #Eragon #BBC Merlin #Jonathan Crane #Riley Poole #Loki #Bridge Carson #tobey! peter parker #Arya More you might like. A Little Wicked (Sorcerer!Overhaul Fem!Reader) - Reader searches out a powerful sorcerer; unaware of the consequences. My account consists of fluff, smut, and dark fanfiction including NON-CON/ DUB-CON. make-me-imagine, a blog on Tumblr. Welcome to Gif Pack Masterlists. Tumblr master list is a post that shows all of your works, or posts that you'd like to display. Summary: When he was younger, he had never been able to keep friends. CASE TWO <- CASE THREE -> CASE FOUR. If any of these topics are triggering or upsetting to you, simply do not read the fic. He argued that she needed some mood lifter after the last three days passed in the battlefield and that arm wrestling was a way as good as any other. diluc, kaeya, albedo, childe, xiao. [📂] Masterlists ☞ Haikyuu ☞ my biggest blessing is that none of my irls even know what tumblr is so i never got to worry about them finding this account. Masterlist Notice: Smut fic is posted here, as well as on my Ao3 account, as tumblr sometimes flags erotica despite it being allowed in the terms of service . A/n this is one of my favorite works I’ve done. Nova — Jujitsu Kaisen Masterlists. Maybe you acted on instinct and you were utterly foolish, you did not know, you did not care. 2021 Psych: Pierre Despereaux x Reader Masterlist: It`s always you (+18) -> Finished. My Faceclaim Masterlists • Masterlist of FC Masterlists • Indian Faceclaim Masterlist • Pakistani Faceclaim Masterlist • Middle Eastern FCs + Resources • High School Passing FCs of Colour • Hijabi. All my starker fics: Evergreen - 9. You two walked for awhile after leaving the village to the destination only the Slayer knew, so that’s when you realized you didn’t even know his name. He was told he was too much, he wanted too much, needed too much. ubbjwi liked this Powered by Tumblr Install this theme. Marvel MCU MasterList Harry Potter MasterList One Direction MasterList Teen Wolf MasterList Anime MasterList . Gael | '95 | she/her Latest: [Perfect View (M)| Bokuto ] [Oceans Brawl | Taehyung] ♡ [All My Writing] A sideblog dedicated to words. My AO3 account is Hogwarts_Imagines. Peter was young, he had his whole life ahead of him. but there you were, cuddled up. characters: daniel ricciardo x you, tony stark. You guys go out to explore and end up having one to many drinks. original post stray kids smut skz smut stray kids x reader skz x reader bang chan smut lee know smut changbin smut hyunjin smut jisung smut seungmin smut felix smut jeongin smut kpop smut chan smut bangchan smut minho smut stray kids fanfic skz fanfic. Series Masterlists- Wonderwall (Keanu Reeves x reader) Protective Service (John Wick x reader) The Arrangement (John Wick x reader) {AU where John is a high powered attorney} 12 Days of Christmas Writing Event2021(Multi-Fandom) {12 Fics and drabbles to commemorate the final days leading to Christmas} Find me onAo3 About Writer lady person. He freezes and simply stares down at you. Having A Small S/O Who Can Eat A Whole Pizza In One Sitting. TOM HIDDLESTON & HIS CHARACTERS MASTERLIST. “Come with me then, I know a place you can spend the night. KEANU REEVES & HIS CHARACTERS MASTERLIST. Series Masterlists-Wonderwall (Keanu Reeves x reader) Protective Service (John Wick x reader) The Arrangement (John Wick x reader) {AU where John is a high powered attorney}. 02 Mar this post has 12 notes posted 2 years ago. 1 year ago on June 27, 2020 at 10:35 pm. Here you will find masterlists of gif packs sorted by source and maker. l HAIKYUU MASTERLISTS ⠀⠀⠀• back to navigation — REQUESTS & TAGLIST ;⠀⠀⠀• who i write for / request rules ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀— requests are open until july 25th ! ⠀⠀⠀• taglist categorizes ⠀⠀⠀ —. Eggs (Kate Bishop x Reader) (A/N: Everyone say thank you to @togrowoldinv for convincing me to write this LOL it’s a super short one but I hope y’all enjoy !! This one isnt my best but it’s Kate so it can’t be THAT bad 😗 As always I‘m sorry in advanced for any spelling or grammatical errors!). soup, sex and sun salutations — Masterlist of Masterlists. here is the masterlist to the masterlist! masterlist i. a/n: i pushed back the timeline a little bit. P Big Bang BTS EXO F(X) JJCC KARD NCT Seventeen SHINee Other: Kpop as ____ About me My k-pop dream journal. I do not want to see these writings reposted, translated or modified what so ever. ー Y/N THE FURRYYY 🤣🤣 [written parts!!] warning: usage of the word manwhore, swearingyou walked into the executive’s office where he had called you to meet. Witches' Collection (Asks Open!). Make gifs, find your community. · Step 3: Title your masterlist. - Before either of you know it your arms are wrapped around his form and you press yourself against his body. Anime & Manga Masterlists!. obey me — dateables — undateables. You can choose to include the summaries or warnings or anything else in the masterlist. masterlists die; its a sad truth! i don’t have the time to periodically check them, so if there’s any you feel i should remove, let me know which ones they are and i will do so. See a recent post on Tumblr from @letterfromvienna about MASTERLIST. Reproducing the stories published on this blog without consent will be considered plagiarism. Will be working on the masterlists more later! :D. Discover more posts about drabble, master list, fluff, soulmate au, smut, . *nomes de índios nativos dos EUA . How to Make MasterList on Tumblr? Create Tumblr. johannes — MASTERLISTS johannes MASTERLISTS WINCHESTERS SISTER / BESTFRIEND 1. request request rules prompt list ⊱. You can have a ‘Masterlist of Masterlists’ of sorts if that’s your thing, where you have links of masterlists of different fandoms/characters/whatever at one place. MASTERLIST 2021✨* indica conteúdo adulto (18+) Masterlist 2020✨ Fake chat com H✨ConceptsMasterlist✨ Fanfic: To be so Lonely . Have a feeling Tumblr will be the only survivor of the Appocalypse. Summary: Oscar invites you on a trip to Las Vegas knowing that you've always wanted to go. Missing the Brothers #imagine 9. HAIKYUU MASTERLIST HUNTER X HUNTER MASTERLIST MY HERO ACADEMIA MASTERLIST BY GENRE (All FICS/FICLETS) ALL HEADCANONS. Never miss a post from fandomlit. From minor roles like Shane ‘Dio’ Morrissey all the way to our favorite metal man, check out this masterlist for all things Pedro. MASTERLIST OF MASTERLISTS Series Masterlist Imagines Masterlist Dabbles Masterlist Headcanons Masterlist Chatrooms Masterlist. For my posted works I've written for: American Gods, Doctor Who, Fantastic Beasts, Free!, Glee, Gravity Falls, MCU, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Rise Of The Guardians, Steven Universe, Soul Eater, Umbrella Academy & Voltron If you count WIPs I've written for pretty much every fandom on my commission sheet. If you wish to have your pack added to a masterlist please message. We accept any roleplaying abilities and experience within our masterlist. Masterlist of Masterlists Shadow and Bone Darkling x Reader Masterlist: Dragonfire (+18) - > Finished 20. Check out the tags and warnings on each individual post because I'm not adding them here. I will be transferring over to AO3 bc tumblr hasn’t been the same for me for a while. #masterlist #masterlist of masterlists #masterlists More you might like. MASTERLISTS last updated 03/05/2022 JSCHLATT'S MASTERLIST: here! TED NIVISON'S MASTERLIST: here! CHARLIE SLIMECICLE'S MASTERLIST: here! CHUCKLE SAMMY MASTERLIST: here! WILBUR SOOT'S MASTERLIST: here! TECHNOBLADE'S MASTERLIST here! DREAM'S MASTERLIST here! QUACKITY MASTERLIST: here! TOMMYINNIT MASTERLIST: here! GEORGENOTFOUND MASTERLIST: here!. thank you for all your support, love, and requests<3 it really means a lot!. 2k; you finally get tired of bakugou boasting about his size and insist that you can take him with ease. Sometimes they're mine and sometimes they work together. "I remember my dad talking about how. It was the dream of many people. you saw a familiar black haired male which you presumed to be sim jake. the executive bowed to you as she introduced you to jake. He would meet new people, live new experiences and forget all about his first love. ik you’ve heard this before but i’m also honestly so glad to see a love unholyc writer because fandom content is literally so rare for this game even though it’s absolutely amazing!! so id just like to thank you for contributing to the fanfics for our beloved boys <3. Their S/O Being Overly hyped for Halloween. HENRY CAVILL & HIS CHARACTERS MASTERLIST. mother jamie ! — MASTERLISTS. Quickly find the episode you’re looking for in one of these masterlists. Masterlists I do not give consent for any of my work to be copied, posted, or translated on other sites. requests are closed! (o´ `o) others ↝ shigaraki tomura one shot ↝ my ko-fi ♡. Masterlist Of Masterlists FAQ Links Below The Cut [[MORE]]Books Masterlist Celebrity Masterlist Film Masterlist Musical Masterlist Mythology . ♡Match Games - Masterlists♡ Welcome to the Match Game, I’m so delighted to have you here with me! I will do another round over the course of next month (and maybe even more after) So if you missed this week,don’t worry, you’ll be able to send in your submissions the next round!. ReactingKpop — Masterlist. · Step 2: Create a new post using the 'Text' option. Masterlists ACTORS Tom Holland (+ Characters) Pedro Pascal (+ Characters) Johnny Depp 〰️ TV SHOW Supernatural Peaky Blinders Community The Punisher 〰️ MOVIES Star Wars 〰️ BROADWAY MUSICALS Dear Evan. BlueAthens • The Stories I Tell Master of the Masterlists All. Welcome to my page! You can call me Kas. The waves of feminism, and why people keep fighting over them, explained. Directory I enjoy things being sorted far too much. Your life takes a bit of a turn when you stumble upon an android in pieces, hidden in an alleyway in an area known for its shadows and debauchery. MASTERLISTS “ monster master list ” 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 5. PEDIDOS FECHADOS — MASTERLIST 2021. he was confused, because he couldn’t find the extra merch he had in his closet. Diabolik lovers MASTERLISTS vampiretsuki: “ These are my new and improved masterlists for the translations of every diaboy's - GAME ROUTES, . Please make sure to read my house rules before you request something. ~ But anyways, add us to your list please?. FNAF - Masterlist Fluff = 🤍 Smut = 🖤 No TW = 🎀 Mild TW = 🔪 Moderate TW = ⚔️ Intense TW = ⚰️ Romantic Affection = 🥀 Platonic Affection = 🎨 Not Specified Affection = 🌈 Gender Neutral Reader = 💫 Female Reader = 🩰 Male Reader = 🍂 Headcanons = 📃 One Shot = 📖 Fanfiction = 📚 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fre ddy - General Headcanons Part 1 (🎀). Their S/O Sassing Them In Spanish. “There is something between us and it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever felt” ( taken: c!Foolish) 3. DIAMOND NO ACE MASTERLIST ! ¬ everything, one shots. masterlists to help you find other roleplayers in your fandom. Masterlists BEASTS • adder • antelope • asp • bear • bee • bird, general • boa • cat • chameleon • crocodile • deer • dog • dog, mimic. requested by @aura-nightingale , hope this is what you had in mind :). Masterlists MCU Masterlist BBC Ghosts Masterlist Bones Masterlist Yonderland Masterlist You, Me and The Apocalypse Masterlist. Pomegranates (Deity!Overhaul Fem!Reader) - As the goddess of spring, Reader finds herself fascinated by a seemingly mortal – fluff and mistaken identities ensue. Especially since they're so spread out. The according tags are #guest, #guest. your head is placed on his chest while the rest of your bodies are tangled up with each other. He asks you what you are doing, all confused, his voice shaking. The Masterlists ✨ these masterlists are a compilation of wonderful writers* that have blessed us with their amazing works ✨ Pedro Pascal Comandante . TED would walk in your bedroom at like 3 in the morning because he was busy helping shoot a night music video. aw goodness this is adorable!! <3 welcome to the family, ♈️ anon! -> join our discord!-> view my masterlist! cw; cursing. Masterlist of Masterlistsall of my favourite masterlists to make it easier for me to return to when i want to binge, and my favourite fic . masterlists + DREAMWASTAKEN + GEORGENOTFOUND + SAPNAP + c!TECHNOBLADE + WILBUR SOOT + p!TOMMYINNIT + p!TUBBO + p!RANBOO + c!PHILZA + KARL JACOBS + NIHACHU + ERET + JUSTAMINX + QUACKITY + FUNDY. As for adding links and creating a masterlist from scratch, the instructions are given below. True Colors (4/4) See TCMasterList reblog for navigation links. ANDREW HOZIER-BYRNE MASTERLIST. Taking him home to fix him might have been the best decision you’d ever made, but perhaps there was a little more to the android JK01-97 than you’d initially thought. Passing time with friends gives you serotonin. BTS Masterlist | Masterlists Originally posted by kookmint With one hand gripping my morning coffee {or tea or smoothie or whatever you drink}, my phone, and my ID card that got me into the building, I used my other and my full body weight to push open my studio door, the heavy bastard. Don’t Touch What’s Mine (Student Peter x Undercover Hitman Tony) Brat Tamer (Captain Stark x Army Brat Peter army au headcanons) A Public Ride smut (Fireman Tony x Student Peter) T wenty-Five Fics of Christmas Masterlist fluff (Tony x Peter) Scandalous (President Tony x Intern Peter au) One, Two, Three smut, Four smut. Help Me, I Don’t Know What to do 13. Follow us for posts regarding witchcraft. I have finally completed all of the masterlists. In the end, even Kai was urging her to accept the request. Or you can have the links of all your works in one single post. Where Have You Been Masterlist Pairing: Jay Halstead x Reader Series Summary: Reader makes a big move to Chicago in the hopes of starting afresh but soon learns it isn’t that easy to outrun the. please peek the rules before you hop into the masterlists and get started! please reblog this post if your muse is apart of harry potter universe. In this, I'm giving the evil peter stans everything a half a cup of what they want. Step 1: Open tumblr on a computer or laptop. Twilight Charlie Swan Edward Cullen. Summary: Oscar invites you on a trip to Las Vegas knowing that you’ve always wanted to go. his arms are wrapped around you in a way to keep you safe. •*:。 bnha — students — villains. why should you change it? When . Dead or not, an oni just attacked me. I've actually got enough fics that I figure I ought to do a master list now. See more posts like this on Tumblr. • big bang • block b • bts • btob • exo • got7 • ikon.