wei wuxian pregnant fanfiction. The Untamed is the story of Wei Wuxian (Xiao Zhan) & Lan Wangji (Wang Yibo), two young cultivators that fall in love in ancient China. ❤️ The Duet of Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian by SilverStark (18+K, Teen). ----Alternatively: Teenage omega Wei Wuxian gets pregnant by his alpha boyfriend Lan Wangji and is scared he's going to be disowned. bl boylove boyxboy fanfiction . Wei Wuxian: *pregnant with his and LWJ's first biological child, patting his belly while he lays in the garden with his fam* This baby is . ‘The Untamed’: Every time Lan Wangji should. Lan {Y/N}, adopted and raised by the Twin Jades of Gusu, Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji. Teenage omega Wei Wuxian gets pregnant by his alpha boyfriend Lan Wangji . "Wei WuXian, son of Wei Changze and Cangse Sanren, for your sins you are cast to the Sixth Court of Diyu, to be judged by the honorable Bian Chang Wang. Everything about this is perfection; Sky, Cloud and Lotus by Xantya24. This pretty much has turned into a gag manga with nonsense plot. After the death of meng yao, Lan wanji get to talk Wei Wuxian to stay in gusu. Floating from the old life to the new~ From my balcony. Mama Bear: Wei Wuxian and Herald Arvil team up on the case of a murdered woman who refused to pass on since she was pregnant when she died. Unplanned pregnancy, intrigue, mob mentality, mysterious past/abilities. Suddenly you yelp when Wuxian's swirls you in his arms and you were afraid your head was going to hit the ceiling'' now our family can grow'' Wei Wuxian said. Wei Wuxian was then feeling weak, so lovely and weak, welcoming the way this presence was taking over until… There was a loud slap then, a very loud slap after that! And then that presence and that tongue went away as Wei Wuxian could not help but feel very fuzzy. for wei ying’s birthday!! The Untamed, but written. Cultivators say that Wei Ying is a monster, and he's beginning to agree. ahhhh hello I just read your latest rec and. He rubbed like a cat into his arms and moved his legs from one side to another, sometimes catching Lan Wangji's legs, while singing something happy to himself. Wei Ying was sleeping, snoring and blubbering something into the nose. •Everyone knows Jiang Cheng has a . He wished he'd dared to stay in Caiyi. Thirteen years ago, Wei Wuxian brought scandal and shame down upon his head and was thrown out of the competitive ballroom dance circuit. WangxianFicRecs Presents – WangxianFicRecs. '' Yes, and it will'' you said. A Mother's Love Chapter 1: Well That Went. Still, he was happy for Wei Wuxian. lan xichen x wei wuxian fanfiction. Read 5 - Pregnant from the story Birth - WangXian 3 by jupizeuster (YIZHAN) with 13235 reads. Language: English Words: 4,314 Chapters: 1/1. Till one day, they find out that Wei WuXian is. Or maybe just some HC's about Wei Wuxian's pregnancy? parenting skills and their kids *goes back into hiding and starts yet another fic*. Though Lan Wangji knew Wei Wuxian regarded them as his children, it didn't quench his jealousy at all. Home; Women’s Sunglasses; Men’s Sunglasses; Video Reviews; mo dao zu shi fanfiction wei wuxian pregnant. Wèi Wúxiàn (魏无羡) is an immortal who was born five centuries before The Scarlet Throne takes place. modaozushi mo dao zu shi 魔道祖师 grandmaster of demonic cultivation wei wuxian mdzs fanart chibi lan wangji wangxian 忘羡. Wei wuxian injured fanfiction. Wei Ying (魏婴, Wèi Yīng ), courtesy name Wei Wuxian (魏无羡, Wèi Wúxiàn) is the founder of Demonic Cultivation and a former disciple of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan. Mister Seahorse: No, Wei Wuxian can't get pregnant, but he makes a few jokes alluding to this trope. Wei WuXian seduce y se acuesta con un hermoso hombre desconocido por una apuesta con Nie HuaiSang. Rather use the mobile app? Open · Get it on Google Play. Flutterby — jiang cheng and lan xichen with a pregnant reader. the juniors take storytelling into their own hands. Lan Xichen X Wei Wuxian Fanfiction. Or even if it was the Jin’s fault for him wanting to sacrifice his body, to bring WWX back. But unknown to the family, they'd already met in a hotel room and shared heat and Wuxian is now pregnant. While watching they didn't know that wei wuxian was still alive but not in their time period, he is alive, and pregnant and now goes by the name Bai Ying or Bai . An alpha in his past life, Wei Wuxian does NOT know what he's doing, so he ignores the issue. Lan Wangji aches when he remembers the way Wei Ying danced–like a laugh given movement and form. Any question of who the father was, was clearly answered by the fact that Wei Wuxian was here, confessing all of this to Lan Qiren’s youngest alpha nephew. (author’s note: double prompt this time! and please please reblog if you can, since that’s how we get prompts for future. Lan Wangji couldn't make Wei Wuxian stay away from the disciples. 4Reeds in the WindJiang Cheng misses his brother, Wei Wuxian picks up a new hobby, and Jin Ling connects the dots. Saturday morning, Nie Huaisang and Jiang Cheng wake up alone in a hotel room, missing shoes, phones, and almost all their memories of what in the world happened last night. Wei Wuxian points at your stomach '' yes, pregnant '' you said also smiling. Lan Wangji actually bought the joke for a second. A paintover of a nendroid of Wei Wuxian as the Yiling Patriarch with a crow, backlit by red and green light. He started travelling on his own. Tags Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Angst, Brief glimpses of Wei Wuxian's, Family Feels, Feelings Realization, First Kiss, Fix-It, Fluff and Angst, Friendship/Love, Grief/Mourning, Hope, Hopeful Ending, Hurt, Insanity, Jiāng Chéng | Jiāng Wǎnyín, Jiāng Chéng | Jiāng Wǎnyín/Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Jiāng Yànlí, Lán. Despite this, unable to stay away from each other, their relationship develops anyway. Wei Wuxian: *pregnant with his and LWJ's first. ----Alternatively: Teenage omega Wei Wuxian gets pregnant by his alpha boyfriend Lan Wangji and is scared he's going to be. Siblings live, JC good bro, JZX alright to. He was now eight months pregnant and already looked like he was ready to pop and "I heard that Wang Ji eloped with that Wei Wuxian. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi. Wei WuXian continued to sob, “I’m so happy Lan Zhan, so, so, so happy that I’m ready to combust right now and here. Wei Wuxian Mdzs Jin Ling X Reader. Lan Wangji's uncle is not about to let that happen. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Wei Wuxian's "Song from the Heart" (Verse 1) I took a short nap in a. You knew Wei Wuxian isn't an evil man and he only saves you with his demonic power that Jiang Cheng often warned him to. He has never stopped searching for him. But that's ok so long as his family is safe, that will always be the most important thing. Wei Wuxian points at your stomach ‘’ yes, pregnant ‘’ you said also smiling. Yunmeng bros learning to talk about emotions, Wei Wuxian learning silk embroidery, and Lan Wangji's rabbits saving them both. Lan zhan & wei wuxian fanfic rec Lan Zhan/Wei Wuxian (Wangxian - The Untamed and MDZS) fan fiction recommendations from AO3. Ohhh How dare you Wei Ying!! (I'm pregnant ). "Wei WuXian! Come out!" Jiang Cheng shouted. Wangji looked at him, he was laying on the bed for two: head on the first half, legs on the second, carelessly, like it was only his bed. Wei Wuxian is not Wei Wuxian if he cannot even understand the whole situation he had heard. I've seen lots of "LWJ gets WWX pregnant" fics. However, when Wei Wuxian got pregnant (yes he can carry a child) the evil corpse starting to be aggressive. mafia AU, wwx takes a shot for lwj; smut (restricted on AO3, not shared on Tumblr) Lan Wangji / Wei Wuxian. Wei Ying waved excitedly at the . Lan Wangji is betrothed to an omega picked by the elders. Wei Ying (魏婴, Wèi Yīng), courtesy name Wei Wuxian (魏无羡, Wèi Wúxiàn) is the founder of Demonic Cultivation and a former disciple of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan. Wei Wuxian: Sounds ridiculous but go on #the grandmaster of demonic cultivation , #mo dao zu shi , #wei wuxian , #wei ying , #lan sizhui , #lan yuan , #mdzs , #incorrect mo dao zu shi quotes , #incorrect mdzs. Known to be elegant and quiet, no one really knows about her past nor did she. The Results of 'Everyday means Everyday'. While Lan Zhan was gathering some items from their hut, Wei Ying was woken up by many people banging JingShi's door. Anonymous said: I've seen lots of "LWJ gets WWX pregnant" fics, but not much of the other way Wei Wuxian and NHS dominating Jiang Cheng. Known as the Yiling Patriarch (夷陵老祖, Yílíng Lǎozǔ), Wei Wuxian died in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds thirteen years prior to the start of the Novel. Lan Zhan & Wei Wuxian Fic Rec. Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian were betrothed since a young age, but they meet only after they become adults, in a formal banquet celebrating the Lan corporations 50th (or 200th) anniversary celebrations. wei wuxian pregnant fanfiction. Wei Wuxian doesn’t know why he felt bitter all of a sudden but manages a smile. WangxianFicRecs Presents: MPREG. "A-Xian, are you inside?" Jiang Yanli asked. Wished he'd brought Wen Qing, or better yet, Wen Ning. Lan Wangji travels back in time 5 years after Wei Wuxian's death and decided that he would not lose this chance he has. Wei Wuxian was eighteen years old and he was pregnant. Even going as far as to dump some of the work as Sect Leader on the poor, confused Wei Wuxian's shoulders. ☆ Wei Wuxian becomes a concubine in this fic. It would be a lot easier for both of them if Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji weren’t already pining for each other. After turning to Demonic Cultivation, however, Wei Wuxian wore black robes. When Lan Wangji first met Wen Yuan, Wei Wuxian replied that the kid is his — but the way he words it implied that he gave birth to him himself. It’s a short fanfic/doujinshi about what if Wei Wuxian was talking Mo Xuanyu. But how can he, When there is no Yílíng Lǎozǔ in Cloud Recesses, Just a young man who wants to live in peace. Wei Wuxian bows in return, and the sect leaders begin the opening courtesies, seven and a half months into Wei Wuxian's first pregnancy, . Wei WuXian was the secret of the Jiang sect. “Pregnant, I’m pregnant Lan Zhan…” he said as he took a hold of the wrists of Lan WangJi’s hands. Miracles happen, and Wei Wuxian happens to have lots of it. Wei WuXian grit his teeth and stayed silent. #mdzsfanart #MDZS #MoDaoZuShi #TheUntamed #WeiYing #WangXian #CHIBI #cute #digitalart #minicomics . jin wuxian, lan wuxian, nie wuxian, non-yunmeng wei wuxian, rogue cultivator wei wuxian, The Untamed, wangxian, Wangxian Fic Rec, WangxianFicRecs Presents, wei wuxian grows up in a different sect, wei wuxian is a jin, wei wuxian is a lan, wei wuxian is a nie, wei wuxian is a street kid, wei wuxian is a wen, wei wuxian isn't found by the jiangs. zii on Twitter: "Ohhh How dare you Wei Ying!! (I'm. He was happiest when he was with Lan Wangji or the disciples. Wei Ying x Lan Zhan Modern AU mdzs fancomic/fanfic. mo dao zu shi fanfiction wei wuxian pregnant. Lately, evil corpse been quiet , this is making every cultivators suspicious. Wei WuXian sniffled as he snuggled his face into Lan WangJi’s hands. Jiang Cheng took in the wine bottles scattered across the table and his brother's bloodshot, glassy looking eyes. "Here! I'll give you one and you'll pretend. Lan Xichen X Wei Wuxian Fanfiction. The words betrothed, elders, omega, and the name Lan Wangji, didn’t take a genius to find out what is happening. Check their account she draws this fanfic I think So when the (older) Wei Wu Xian raped (younger) Lan Wangji, it was just a dream?. Después de todo el hombre es exactamente su tipo y que mejor que perder la virginidad con un alfa tan impresionantemente sexy, a perderla con el asqueroso de Wen Chao con el que lo obligó a comprometerse su Tía adoptiva. Please feel free to send recommendations and my ask box is always open if you're looking for a fic, I will try and help you. In hindsight, this is where it all went wrong. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without Apr 25, 2021 — wei wuxian and lan wangji wedding fanfiction. "Young master Jiang, Maiden Jiang, Wei Ying is pregnant" Lan Zhan said again before happily walking to the hut on their back mountain. Wei Wuxian had promised Yanli, three fingers in the air. Oblivious of the situation, Wei Wuxian and the juniors: Jingyi, Sizhui, Zizhen and Jin Ling all team up to figure out a plan to suprise Lan Wangji with Wei Wuxian's arrival. #pregnant+wei+wuxian · Follow · New post. ‘’ Yes, and it will’’ you said. 笛音谋杀案 by ikerestrella, murder case fic, canon divergence, ongoing. Suddenly you yelp when Wuxian’s swirls you in his arms and you were afraid your head was going to hit the ceiling’’ now our family can grow’’ Wei Wuxian said. ("I think it's nice to stab something repeatedly. Summary: Lán Qǐrén has been given a task, A task to have the Yílíng Lǎozǔ leave Cloud Recesses, For good. Trouble seem always find Wei ying. “There is an alternative,” said . (Post-Canon, Mpreg, Not A/B/O, Magical Unplanned Pregnancy, Wen Qing . Wei WuXian is an unruly omega that is mated to one of the Twin Jades of GusuLan, Lan WangJi an alpha. If Jiang Cheng had to be productive right now while hung-over, well then dam-straight Wei Ying had to be too. Summary: Exactly thirty-eight days after he enters Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian wakes up pregnant. Pregnancy fic can be written as a variety of curtainfic, focused on the domestic details of preparing for the birth and its effect on the couple's . One moment he was grinning with relief, the next, he’s keeled over, his heat - which hadn’t appeared since the fall of Lotus Pier - hitting him in waves. Suddenly, a calm and deep whisper into his ear has startled Wei Wuxian: - I love you, Wei Ying. I plucked up a willow leaf and blew~ Spreading out a golden kite to. Wei Wuxian was lying on the bed, apparently still asleep, the lazy-ass. OMG hahaha I can't Credits : (watermark)Like ✨ Share Subscribe ❤️ #shorts #肖战#王一博#Wangxian#王一博#bunny . Dang it, Wei should've gone with this idea when he snuck in the jars of alcohol . Jiang Cheng had rolled his eyes, but promised as well. No Archive Warnings Apply; Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn; Niè Huáisāng & Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn; Niè Huáisāng; Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn;. Category archives: Wei wuxian and lan wangji wedding fanfiction. Both males, a relationship of this nature is wildly unacceptable in those times. Tags Tags: Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Bottom Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Boys Kissing, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Eventual Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Internally Screaming Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī, Kissing, Lán Huàn | Lán Xīchén, Lán Yuàn | Lán Sīzhuī, Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī, Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī Has Feelings, Lán Zhàn. Wei Wuxian wants to return to the Cloud Recesses after a year long of travelling--but he wants to come back home with a grand entrance to suprise Lan Wangji. Just a fun evening in Cloud Recesses I love the idea of mad scientist Wei Wuxian sitting in the Jingshi working on his inventions and Lan WangJi quietly sitting there watchingThe sort of thing that could absolutely happen with Wei Wuxian now in Cloud Recesses and since they break tubs on a. Her baby survived through her using the surrounding magic field and stealing milk, and she only agrees to move on after being reassured her son will get to live. Many ghosts and demons, an interest, and a fragment of her memory all awaits in her journey. , IT happened again, today you heard the words you were once again pregnant with the Yiling patriarch's son, but that didn't scare you. Wei Wuxian was sometimes spending more time with the disciples than Lan Wangji. The Untamed- Lan Wangji & Wei Wuxian- The Scientist (FMV)Earl Hatter. Once the Sun reaches the Valley of Grief, it is the Dinner Hour. Wei Wuxian wants to return to the Cloud Recesses after a year long of travelling-but he wants to come back home with a grand entrance to suprise Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian was eighteen years old and he was pregnant, Wei Wuxian and the juniors: Jingyi, this time not as surviving friend. He vanished, never to be heard from again. Untitled — Your fic of Wei Ying leaving his baby on Lan. When he was a child, he used to travel around with his parents until they died when he was still very young and he had to live on the streets and learn to take care of himself early. Known as the Yiling Patriarch (夷陵老祖, Yílíng Lǎozǔ ), Wei Wuxian died in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds thirteen years prior to the start of the Novel. Author’s Summary: When General Wei loses his golden core in the process of winning a war, the Emperor comes up with a plan so he can remain his right hand man. MDZS Egg-Baby meme fic Just fuckin' click . "You don't look a day over four hundred," Wei WuXian says. But I'm having so much fun working on it!. He is the emperor of the eight realms and is beloved by everyone. I'd have to argue that Jiang Wanyin know's it isn't Wei Wuxian's fault, even he knew the Wen's were going to come anyway, Cloud Recesses had been burned down, the war had been declared, "In his heart, Jiang Cheng knew clearly that back in the care of the Xuanwu of Slaughter at Dusk-Creek Mountain, even if Wei Wuxian hadn't saved Lan Wangji, the Wen Sect would have found some reason to come. He returns to the living world in the body of Mo Xuanyu. drinking with flowers around the street. Also missing: Wei Wuxian, brother of the bride. Romantic Manga Anime Pregnant. Wei Wuxian had felt something loosen within him moments after Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu finally took their last breaths. Wei Ying smiled cheerfully and hugged Lan Wangji. Wei WuXian's blinked in confusion, although he couldn't resist the twitch of his lips starting to turn up in a smile at the memory. a/b/o, genderswap, mpreg, mpreg lan wangji, mpreg wei wuxian, pregnant lan wangji, pregnant wei wuxian, The Untamed, wangxian, Wangxian Fic Rec, WangxianFicRecs Presents Timing by lockandkey E, 26k, xuexiao, wangxian near the end Summary: Xiao Xingchen catches up with Xue Yang, in order to …. Lan Wangji changed his clothes and laid down without a single sound, trying not to wake Wei Wuxian up. For the renouncement verse I’d love to see a continuation of the one with Xichen and Lan Qiren, with pregnant-with-a-girl wwx being gently coerced to be lazy for once in his life by, apparently, the entire lan clan.