zsr circumcision. Adult circumcision can be performed by CircCurer (LangHe) . For surgery in Children read here. Hi ZSR circumcision is only available at Pune or Delhi. The procedure is painless, ensures minimum blood loss and involves no stitches. Circumcision with ZSR is an alternative treatment to phimosis. While circumcision itself is the surgical removal of the foreskin, which is the covering of the tip of the penis, there are different methods of performing a circumcision surgery procedure. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, which is the skin covering the tip of the penis. Saste ke cahkkar me galat surgery na karwae. ZSR Circumcision device is a latest surgical stapler. The Disposable ZSR Circumcision Anastomat is a surgical device for circumcision of patients with phimosis and redundant prepuce. The dressing required is minimum. It can be provided to babies and children, . Zsr Circumcision Surgery in Visakhapatnam. ZSR disposable circumcision anastomat can solve all problems. It is developed by ZSR Biomedical located in China. The stapler like device used for circumcision cuts and seals the edges of the skin. India News: A seven-year-old boy is battling for life after a circumcision surgery went horribly wrong at a private hospital in Alwar on . Typically, circumcision takes the first spot in the list that counts the number of surgeries performed by our popular urologists. I researched about him and saw that he was a good surgeon performing khatna/circumcision for my one year old son. Here is why you should opt for a ZSR circumcision phimosis surgery from PharmEasy: The procedure is minimally-invasive; Surgery completed within 15-20 . Is Stapler Circumcision Safe In Adults?. It provides the best cosmetic outcome ('High & Tight") among all the other surgical options available at present. But on 7th day in morning due to erection it started bleeding. Like all surgical operations, complications can result. It does not require big incisions on the body and is a painless procedure for the patient. Studies show that circumcision reduces the chat of a man contracting HIV. Most Advanced and Painless Stapler Circumcision in Seoni. Get rid of Phimosis by Birth/Congenital with Simple First Gen ZSR stapler, see live surgery by Dr. Most commonly second generation ZSR device is used for the procedure. The disposable circumcision stapler is a sterile, hand-held, manual surgical instrument preloaded with non-bioabsorbable skin staples intended to be used to perform a circumcision. What Is The Cost Of Zsr Circumcision? The ZSR procedure costs a Mumbai: The cost of the ZSR procedure is Rs. The surgery is performed in day-care. General Physician 13 yrs exp Delhi. He has introduced ZSR Circumcision in Delhi, India. The advantages are early recovery and minimal blood loss. Circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin from the head of the penis. Decreased risk of penile cancer. Many patients are asking from Dr Khan to circumcise with ZSR or stapler devices. HOW DOES ZSR CIRCUMSICION WORK? ZSR circumcision uses a special circular clamping device to cut the foreskin. Third generation ZSR Stapler Circumcision Malaysia ( Zsr Circumcision) incorporates the surgical principles of kinetic technique, anastomosis, circular cut, and automatic suture. ZSR - CIRCUMCISION WITHOUT KNIFE. Posted at 21:50h in phimosis treatment without circumcision, zsr circumcision in lucknow, phimosis surgery cost in bangalore, . Circumcision | ZSR Circumcision | Stapler Circumcision | Laser Circumcision | Frenuloplasty & advanced therapies for tight foreskin at now at Urocentre. Market me bina silicon ring ke chinese jali mal jaise Langhe Stapler or WM stapler aa gaya hai. ZSR Circumcision Anastomat. In this surgical process surgeon cut and seal the cut skin edges instead of traditional sutures. It aids in cutting and stapling the foreskin of the penis. Specially trained in Alisklamp circumcision in Malaysia,ZSR's Circumcision in. Surgical staplers for circumcision. ZSR Circumcision is done either under local, or general anesthesia depending on the age and medical fitness of the male. A Chinese firm, ZSR Biomedicals, developed this avant-garde circumcision technology. Dezire Clinic offers best Circumcision Surgery, ZSR Circumcision, stapler circumcision, Circumcision Treatment. Your doctor may recommend this procedure to help treat various conditions . Circumcision surgery is most commonly performed on infants, . Stitchless Circumcision Treatment or Penis Skin Removal Surgery is painless and stitchless surgery. Circumcision with ZSR is an effective treatment for phimosis. BANGALORE ZSR CIRCUMCISION AND FRENULOPLASTY CLINIC. I had a ZSR circumcision done on my myself purely for cosmetic reasons just over 6 months ago and I am delighted with the result. New 2021 Prepex Circumcision Device Zsr Shang Ring Type, New Indıa Works. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the sleeve of skin and mucosal tissue that normally covers the . Zsr Circumcision Device Disposable Foreskin Cutting Stapler , Find Complete Details about Zsr Circumcision Device Disposable Foreskin Cutting Stapler,Zsr Circumcision Stapler,Zsr Circumcision Device,Plastibell Circumcision from Anorectal,Urology Surgery Equipments Supplier or Manufacturer-Hangzhou Trust Loyal Import&Export Co. More than 2000 patients have benefited from ZSR Circumcision. Almost every Muslim, Jew, people in parts of Southeast Asia and Africa. Nsr, Ripe , Lanze, Langhe , Zsr , Shang Ring , Gomco, Ripe , Prepex , Circumplast are few brands. ZSR Circumcision and Frenuloplasty Clinic Bangalore. Circumcision is a very injurious operation. I had gone under zsr circumcision surgery its day 16 yet the ring and stapler are not r Health Query. The patient is allowed to return home on the day of surgery. A circumcision does not have to be on either end of an axis; mine, for example, is low and moderately tight. 28 yrs old Male asked about ZSR Circumcision, 1 doctor answered this and 370 people found it useful. I have a very good looking even circumcision scar and for me the best part was watching the doctor carefully placing the ZSR device on my penis and when he was satisfied with the position of the device, turning the handles and swiftly cutting my foreskin off. ZSR Circumcision ,Stichless Surgery In Surat, Vapi, Valsad, Gujarat Hair Transplant Surgeon in Surat and All Over Gujarat These are real patients everyone will not get the same results kindly consult your doctor for your expectation. ZSR Circumcision Anastomat Manufacturer's pictures of the ZSR Anastomat Like the RYPS Anastomt (qv) this is a development of the device described in the 2016 paper by Jin et al. It takes the scalpel-precision of classical circumcision, the machine reliability of second-generation techniques, and improves upon both of them. First Private Clinic at London, UK that Offers Circumcision with this Novel CircCurer (LangHe) staples Device. From ancient times till date, this procedure is being practiced as a cultural or religious ritual. It is a surgical stapler device for circumcision developed by ZSR Biomedical Technology company in China. Prevents recurrent infections in the urinary tract due to foreskin problem Reduces the chances of contracting and transmitting sexually transmitted infections. My self circumcision video, I advise those curious to watch some videos on circular devices, this was poorly performed. A special clinic for offering Stitchless,Pain less, Bloodless Circumcision to patients. ZSR circumcision is a simple minimally invasive stapling technique which removes the foreskin of the penis area. ZSR Circumcision is the modern technique of circumcision that is minimally invasive in nature. ZSR is a method of circumcision. Dr Sriharsha Ajjur has introduced ZSR Circumcision in Bangalore. Scared to do circumcision because of the pain? The foreskin too tight, can't clean your penis properly?. The Stapler circumcision device is an advanced modern stapler used for this surgery. Answer: There are many photos in internet. Circumcision Surgery in Bangalore - circumcision Treatment is Almost Painless, Safe, Scar-free, and can be Performed Quickly Followed by a Speedy Recovery. Radha Meditech - Offering One Model ZSR Circumcision Stapler Device in Mumbai, Maharashtra. ZSR Circumcision in Bangalore & CostThe World Health Organization has endorsed a device from China that makes it easier and faster to perform surgical circumcisions. ZSR Circumcision at Premier Clinic introduces a cleaner, safer, less painful option! Circumcision decreased risk of urinary tract infections. This is commonly known as circumcision, but Alex had come to believe it should be regarded as "male genital mutilation". If you want the scar line near the base you can try for sleeve resection method. If anyone is out there went through this ZSR circumcision then please share your experience for the same. performs Circumcision surgery in Pune with Basic,Advanced,Cosmetic,Stitchless ZSR,II Generation Devices type of circumcision options. A low circumcision places the scar closer to the glans of the. Circumcision in older children and adults may also be done for the same reasons. The cuts on the skin are more accurate than conventional methods of doing circumcision. MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Mch Urology and Renal Transplant. No second or subsequent dressing required. 0 Green Circumcision Results | II Generation FUSED Frenulum needs Frenulum Release Surgery | Fr Infections of Glans Penis after Circumcision Surge Smegma Stones in Phimosis Complications | ZSR Stap Phimosis by Birth, Congenital Phimosis ZSR Circumc How to do Daily. Since its availability in India, first introduced in Delhi by Dr Vijayant Gupta, there is craze for this method of circumcision. Wholesale ZSR Circumcision Device Male Circumcision Set from Changzhou Haida Medical Equipment Co. Can someone please let me know whether its safe or not. The end result is same irrespective of the procedure adopted. ZSR circumcision (removal of the foreskin covering the head of the penis) is a revolutionary circumcision procedure that uses a surgical stapler to cut and staple (close up) the sides of the foreskin instead of using standard sutures. ZSR is a different treatment for phimosis. How Much Does Zsr Circumcision Cost In India? - A ZSR circumcision costs *35,000 and offers painless treatment that will let you know what is happening to you quickly. ZSR Circumcision is a revolutionary new technology for treating phimosis. Side effects,Complications of ZSR circumcision surgery detailed info by Dr. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017. In this technique, the foreskin is cut with the help of a stapling device which simultaneously stitches the wound by using fine stainless steel staples. ZSR circumcision is a revolutionary development in the field of phimosis treatment. Posted by Circumcision-clinic at 10:43 AM. The four typical combinations are low and loose, low and tight, high and loose, and high and tight. Hey guys, I waa wondering if people have heard about this Chinese circumcision called ZSR. Circumcision is Removal of Foreskin of Penis. Dr Khan has simulation training of CircCurer (LangHe) staples suture device. Langhe Circumcision @ ₹25,000 – Langhe is another popular device used for offering stitch-less and painless surgery at low cost. New 2021 Prepex Circumcision Device Zsr Shang Ring Type. Suture-less or stapled circumcision is designed on the principle of plastibel technology wherein the ring of the penile skin is stapled by ZSR technique so that the skin is cut uniformly and the staples are accurately placed. This often causes a sore throat, . Glue, Shang ring, or CircCurer (ZSR or staplers) Circumcision. A partial circumcision may be an alternative to full circumcision. Advanced Circumcision Stapler. Number of follow-up required is minimum. 100% Insurance Claim and Cashless Surgery option Avaialble too. The procedure of stapler circumcision include: 1. I went through ZSR Circumcision 7 days ago. ZSR’s circumcision technique uses surgical staplers instead of traditional sutures to close and cut the skin’s edges. Before and After Circumcision Surgery Images. This device cuts and staples the penile foreskin. Discharge in a few hours from hospital Granted patent design and innovation. इसे ZSR Circumcision भी कहा जाता है। इसमें bleeding थोड़ी कम होती है। Recovery जल्दी होती है और operation . Both centres have performed more than 5000 surgeries successfully. ZSR Stitchless Circumcision Surgery. A ZSR circumcision device / stapler is used to remove the preputialskin (foreskin). Deepesh Goyal, an acclaimed plastic surgeon, is an expert in all types of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Original ZSR or Duplicate -Z-SR Circumcision, How to know the difference? Don't be fooled by -Z- Post Operation Recovery 1. I had gone under zsr circumcision surgery its day 16 yet the ring and stapler are not removed, how many days would it take more And sensation of penis is there when it gets rubbed. ZSR Circumcision Vs Other Procedures in Bangalore. his is aTrg margin and it can be the difference between life and death. Studies show that circumcision reduces the chat of a man contracting HIV virus and other sexually transmitted diseases by up to sixty percent. We belong to a muslim family and we require to undergo khatna due to religious purposes. Our urologist will perform the operation using the Forceps Guided method under local anaesthetic and Dermabond© glue. The stapler technique is a new way to perform circumcision. zsr stapler online in india; Disposable Circumcision Stapler in india; zsr circumcision stapler in india; zsr stapler; advanced Disposable Circumcision . If you want a sleek look, go for the conventional method. In my opinion, this gives a symmetrical, fine incision line. Price Terms-Payment TypePayment Type-Minimum Order. This device ensures 'cut and seal' in such a way that there is hardly any bleeding. Get best price and read about company. Suture-less or stapled circumcision is designed on the principle of plastibel technology wherein the ring of the penile skin is stapled by ZSR technique so . FOUNDER AND CHIEF SURGEON @CIRCUMCISION CLINIC, SUN CLINIC IN PUNE,INDIA Dr. Circumcision style is defined by two axes: low-to-high, and loose-to-tight. ZSR Circumcision: ZSR circumcision is a modern circumcision technique in which the surgeon uses a special surgical stapler to remove the foreskin layer from the penis. This device is very easy to operate and gives a very clean symmetric cut and has sutures within itself. Address : 635, Sadashiv Peth,. The patient goes home within one hour of the procedure. Our Zsr-circumcision Doctors in Delhi. Circumcision is performed with a stapler-like device which requires no stitches, cuts and seals the skin’s margins. It should be kept as a last resort to be used only after conservative treatment fails. Go for the original ZSR beware of the duplicate. Remember also that the HIV virus has no cure and it has killed hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Vijayant Govinda Gupta on the internet and came to know about zsr circumcision. At Glamyo Health, our expert doctors will take care of phimosis in a painless one day laser procedure. This is performed worldwide either due to religious reasons or medical reasons. In conventional circumcision, the surgeon has to first cut the skin with a knife and then stitch it. For adult circumcision, I use the sleeve resection technique in which the foreskin is removed as a single ring of tissue utilizing a scalpel. ZSR circumcision is a simple stapling technique that removes the foreskin of the penis area. Kuber Sachin Pune,Maharashtra #circumcision, #phimosis, #Frenulumbreve, #ZSR. ZSR Biomedicals, a Chinese company, first developed Stapler circumcision, which is now widely used. This method cuts the skin faster, with less blood and less pain. Key safety principles for male circumcision services Providers doing male circumcision procedures should keep the following in mind: • Male circumcision is an elective procedure performed on a healthy adolescent boy or man for partial protection from HIV. The product combines clinical medicine experience and simple structure design to enable male urological surgeries be refined, safe, rapid and perfect. Circumcision surgery is the surgical removal of the foreskin that covers the penis head [glans]. The Stapler with the "Silicon Ring Advantage". In SR circumcision technology, the stitching and the cutting are done by the stapler device. ZSR Stitchless Circumcision Surgery. The ZSR circumcision in Jaipur is currently the latest technology that makes the procedure simple, accurate, and safe for the patient. ZSR Circumcision is a method whereby a special device is used to stop blood flow at the foreskin before the cut. They had come out with latest updated Circumcisions technologies and devices. But, there are other reasons for which circumcision surgery is suggested, such as medical, aesthetic appearance, and hygiene issues. depends on Circumcision type like ZSR Circumcision, Stapler Circumcision, Stapler Circumcision, Laser Circumcision. ZSR Circumcision device is a latest surgical stapler ,This device cuts and staples the penile foreskin. Circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin from the penis. The ZSR circular stapler or circumcision anastomat is a device combining both circular surgical blade and stapler which has been specifically developed to cut the foreskin and apply a circular row of staples near the cutting line, replacing the need for conventional cutting and suturing. ZSR Kolkata is a revolutionary device for use in treating Phimosis. Talk to experienced sexologist online and get your health questions answered in just 5 minutes. A place to talk about the subject of adult male circumcision — the surgical removal of foreskin from the penis. I have been informed by the doctor . Dr Ashish Saini is the top & best sexologist in Delhi and is considered the best urologist in Delhi NCR, you can search for him by typing urologist near me. Circumcision of males in Australia is a common practice for several religious and cultural groups. Which Is The Best Method For Circumcision?. Adult circumcision with CircCurer (LangHe) staple device (ZSR. One Setting Stitchless Circumcision Clinic with ZSR in Pune with Painless,Bloodless,Stitchless Circumcision Facility Call Now +917020477212. This minimally invasive modern technique ensures minimal blood loss and overall a painless experience. Safety and efficacy of the circumcision procedure requires . However, apart from a ritual, circumcision surgery is preferred by most males for medical purposes and aesthetic purposes. It will give you a good result without any pain. ZSR circumcision device will sparkle like this colorful city in the world. 790 401 6493 20, Cres Park St, Parthasarathi Puram, T. Stitch or Glue circumcision, Shang ring or CircCurer (ZSR) at London Circumcision Clinic. ZSR circumcision also ensures that there is minimal blood loss. Adult circumcision can be performed by CircCurer (LangHe) staples suture device. Stapler circumcision was invented by ZSR Biomedicals, a Chinese company, and is currently widely utilised. Glue circumcision gives better result for men. Generally, circumcision surgery is performed for religious beliefs. Resolve your personal issues with ZSR Circumcision?. ZSR Biomedicals, a Chinese firm, initially developed Stapler circumcision and now is universally used. brand zsr circumcision anastomat Product Description Adult and pediatric circumcision stapler device which is painless,blood free and patient can recover in just 2 hours available with us. Also, the surgery takes just 30 minutes and it is amazingly fast and affordable. ZSR Circumcision is the latest and revolutionary new technology and at present ZSR is the best method for circumcision to treat phimosis. Stapler Circumcision Treatment in Ahmedabad,Gujarat at no Cost EMI. Is Zsr Circumcision Safe? – chicagojewishnews. The healing was going great and i was very happy with it. Get the cost of Circumcision in New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad city at dezireclinic by highly experienced surgeons. Safe in all male age groups Superior cosmetic result. It is a painless operation for the patient and ZSR circumcision also guarantees that blood loss is kept to a minimum. Surgeon Dr Vijayant Govinda GuptaHighest volume ZSR Circumcision spe. Circumcision Surgery - Before And After Pictures. It is a lesser invasive procedure as compared to open circumcision. The stapler like device used for circumcision cuts and seals the . A breathing tube was placed in your child's throat to help him breathe while he was asleep during surgery. There are couple of videos on youtube about this device which claims to give virtually bloodless circumcision. Aftercare Forceps Guided using – Glue. We at Rejuvena Cosmo Care offer circumcision with this new technique. However, on has t accept that like any other surgery, circumcision also involves complications related to the procedure. How Much Does Zsr Circumcision Cost In India? – A ZSR circumcision costs *35,000 and offers painless treatment that will let you know what is happening to you quickly. There technics are recommended by WHO and FDA to sugeans and doctors. Condition of Tight Foreskin (Phimosis, Paraphimosis, Balanitis) Any other pre-existing medical condition; The best Circumcision cost estimation can be provided only after clinical examination by experienced Circumcision doctors. It is also easier to clean the wound afterwards. Pristyn Care SEC 29 Clinic (Gurgaon) Consultation fees 450 Free. The stapler device consists of a disposable use and throw cutting and stapling device which cuts the foreskin circumferential and applies two rows of staples which falloff after about 2. In traditional circumcision, the surgeon must first cut the skin with a knife and then suture it. What Is The Cost Of Zsr Circumcision? The following treatments have their price listed below: 1) A ZSR complication at an advanced rate in Mumbai cost Rs 2,000, which is double the cost of a regular surgery. ZSR Circumcision: A Safer, Stitchless, & Faster Circumcision Procedure Circumcision is a centuries-old procedure that has been employed for cultural, religious, and medical purposes by numerous civilizations. is stapler circumcision safe in adults? how much does zsr circumcision cost in india? which is better laser circumcision? what happens in laser . I guys I am planning to get a zsr circumcision. The product combines clinical medicine experience and simple structure design to enable male urological surgeries be refined, safe, rapid and perfect A technological innovation, providing patients with more security Phimosis and redundant prepuce. Sutures dissolve automatically within a few days. Sexologists in Chennai treating Men's Infertility (Premature Ejaculation, Erection Problems etc) since 28 years. Circumcision is a procedure in which the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis is surgically removed. Stapler Circumcision Surgery in Vizag. Circumcision stapler or ZSR Circumcision is the best method for relief from phimosis, paraphimosis & balanitis. I have Uploaded the latest pic in which it is completely healed. This article looks at the procedure, the benefits, and the risks. Best Circumcision Surgery Doctor in Gurgaon. Interestingly, this is a disposable device and can be performed. New Delhi ZSR Circumcision Clinic in the city Delhi by the address 2-4C, 1 St Floor, New Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh Opposite Bank of Baroda, opposite Liberty Cinema, Delhi 110005, India. The procedure is typically done on a newborn for personal or religious reasons. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis. Stitchless ZSR Circumcision Clinic. ZSR Circumcision in New Delhi India - Video 1. Aanstomat or Stapler circumcision. For men who want to have circumcision in one setting and want to go home outside Surat City, we offer an option to have circumcision surgery performed in one setting. It is a revolutionary development in the field of phimosis treatment. Dr VG Gupta is trained in ZSR circumcision from China. Circumcision can be easily performed in Adults using advanced methodologies such as ZSR and laser Circumcision surgery making it virtually pain free and guaranteed safe and fast recover. Recent Availability Available Today. Most commonly second generation ZSR device is used for the . Cosmetic Near Total Complete Circumcision. Original Authorised ZSR circumcision North india me New Delhi me sirf Govinda medicentre me Dr Vijayant Gupta ke pas uplabdh hai. In anstomat or stapler circumcision, an anstomat or stapler device is used to perform the surgery. Get contact details and address | ID: 23357614233. In laser circumcision, a laser device is used to cut the skin. Welcome to ZSR Circumcision Guwahati Dedicate yourself to a higher quality of life! Hazard of phimosis and redundant prepuce Redundent prepuce will hinder penis development and is prone to leade to micropenis Its is prone to causing urinary system diseases , and including acroposthitis , balanitis , urine infection. ZSR Circumcision: Rather than using sutures, this is a sophisticated circumcision procedure that uses a surgical stapler to cut and seal the borders of the foreskin. One of the most fatal sexually transmitted disease is the HIV virus. ZSR Circumcision is an advanced surgical procedure that offers the following health benefits - Prevents and cures foreskin problems permanently. Get your query answered 24*7 only on . We are the only Certified and Authorised ZSR Circumcision surgery centre in Mumbai. Around one third of men in the world are circumcised. Complications fall into three categories: hemorrhage, infection, and surgical misadventure. ZSR Circumcision is a revolutionary new technology for Circumcision. New 2021 Prepex Circumcision Device Zsr Shang Ring Type , Find Complete Details about New 2021 Prepex Circumcision Device Zsr Shang Ring Type,Circumcision Device,Prepex Circumcision Device,Zsr Circumcision Device Stapler Shang Ring from Microsurgery Equipments Supplier or Manufacturer-NEW INDIA WORKS. Adult male circumcision with a circular stapler versus conventional. I've cropped the video to show a closer image and keep my features out of the video. ZSR Circumcision technique utilizes surgical stapler instead of conventional sutures to seal and cut the foreskin edges. Untrained unauthorised jali mal se bache. Male circumcision is the most frequently performed procedure by urologists. The beauty of new technology and scar less result after circumcision . 23 yrs old Male asked about Zsr circumcision, 1 doctor answered this and 345 people found it useful. ZSR Circumcision technique utilizes surgical stapler . Stapler Circumcision is a new technique that was introduced by a company called ZSR biomedical and till today goes by the nick name of ZSR stapler Circumcision. This is a simpler and more effective procedure compared to the traditional ZSR circumcision procedure. ZSR Circumcision Malaysia (ZSR Stapler). 0 Stapler Circumcision Surgery | Most Advanc ZSR 2. You can use a surgical stapler – known as the Zsr circumcision – or you can use a method which cuts. Circumcision Surgery in Bangalore. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest. The surgery duration is 30 minutes. Nonetheless, sexually transmitted diseases are often times fatal or may cause severe complications if they go unchecked. The mechanical action inserts the staples into the foreskin but blocks them via the front abutment. By shielding the glans and relying on a precise tool to . BENEFITS OF CIRCUMCISION Reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases — There are quite a number of sexually transmitted diseases. The product combines clinical medicine experience and simple structure design to enable male . No different clothing or transport arrangements needed. Zsr Circumcision Surgery in Chennai. The device – which comes in 20 different sizes- consists of two plastic and rubber rings. He is well experienced and has performed thousands of surgeries till date.